London Road Students’ Officer – Fatemah Almuwaiziri

Why this role is important?

officer for London Road Campus representing role is the way of having an effective contribution between RUSU and the university students. This role can provide the opportunity to underline the positive and negative feedback to the school or department or RUSU by student’s voice.

What are my responsibility?

I am very aware about the responsibility to act and contact the university student’s issues and deliver it to RUSU to provide solutions. Moreover, this role can provide the ability to contribute feedback and ideas for sessions, generic training programme, the Reading Researcher Development Programme and networking events. Student voice and a sounding board can provide a possible development in university and school or department level specially in London Road Campus.

What are my main goals?

I would like to provide help for student by deliver their voice and ideas from London Road Campus to RUSU. I would like to be a part of positive changes in students’ academic life by distribute their needs which is can reflect students’ needs in London Road Campus as well. I believe that with hard work there is no thing impossible, RUSU, schools or departments and students can work together in order develop the university through student’s ideas and voice. I do respect the university of reading to provide this role for students, thus I will respect my duties toward this role and make it effective.


  • Develop London Road Campus through student’s voice and ideas.
  • Establish a network between RUSU and London Road Campus.
  • Positive changes in students’ academic life by distribute their needs is one of my main goals.
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