Student Reps

RUSU full-time officers Full-time Officers

We are led by four full-time student officers voted for by students. They give regular updates on what they are working on and take questions from our members.

RUSU part-time officers Part-time Officers

Eleven Part-time Officers are elected each year to ensure that under-represented and minority student groups have their voices heard, ensuring they have a positive student experience.

RUSU student trustees Student Trustees

Student Trustees sit on RUSU’s Trustee Board, volunteering their time to ensure RUSU is well-run and acting in the best interests of its student members. They can be elected in to office by the student body, or appointed by members of the Board.

RUSU academic reps Academic Reps

Course Reps and Senior Reps work with the Education Officer and Representation Team to ensure the student voice is heard by the University on academic matters.

RUSU student networks Student Networks

Networks are student-led, peer support groups to help our members meet other students from similar backgrounds. These networks are for our members to share common experiences and to receive advice and support from each other.

RUSU One World Reading Student Voice Members

Student Voice Members represent you at RUSU’s termly Student Voice meeting.

Two students with laptops sat discussing outside RUSU Wellbeing Champions

A Wellbeing Champion’s role is to actively promote and support initiatives, services and campaigns that RUSU & University do to improve students’ mental health and wellbeing.