Academic Reps

Student Reps are elected students who represent you and your views on academic issues. Course and School Reps work alongside the Education Officer to ensure the student voice is being heard by the University and positive changes are being made throughout every department.

With a team of over 400 Course Reps and 32 School Reps, we work to ensure the University provides the best possible academic experience for all students!

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Student Reps represent your interests while at University and work to ensure the student voice is being heard at programme, school and university level meetings. School and Course Reps work in partnership with University staff and students to create positive changes and give your feedback to academics and RUSU. Find your Rep here...

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Welcome to this corner of the RUSU website, just for Student Reps! Dive in to find all the info and tools you need to start representing! To be the best Rep you can be and have the most impact, make sure to read all the sections, so you're aware of all of the opportunties on offer and benefits of being a Rep too...

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Check out all the resources you'll need as Reps on our Rep Hub, including the Course and School Rep handbooks, timelines and all important training dates for the Essential Training in Autumn term. Download agreements, code of conduct and consent forms. Plus, more workshop opportunities sign ups and details of the all new Representation Conference in Spring, coming soon...

RUSU Education Officer 2020/21 George Ingram

Education Officer
George Ingram