Full-time Officers

RUSU is led by five Full-Time Student Officers who are voted into office by an annual online election. Undertaking this role after graduating or taking a sabbatical year during their degree, the Student Officers listen to the views of the thousands of students and represent the student voice on campus, locally and nationally.

The Officers give regular updates on what they are working on and take questions from students.

The Big Three Officer Team Goals 2019/20

The Big Three has been created by your five Full-time Officers and reflects what we want to collaboratively achieve for students this year.

Sustainability: Our underlying theme

We will be environmentally, economically & socially sustainable. We will meet the needs of current students without compromising the needs of future students.


  • Embracing different Cultures
  • Engaging the whole student community
  • Increasing democratic engagement


  • Supporting students’ mental health
  • Improving safety on campus
  • Developing student social culture
  • Improving student experience of accommodation
  • Creating a stronger student community


  • Developing academic spaces
  • Improving outdoor facilities
  • Widening access to facilities
  • Reducing environment impact