Activities & Opportunities Officer

RUSU Activities & Opportunities Officer 2022/23 Harry Everitt

Activities & Opportunities Officer
Harry Everitt

Hi, I'm Harry. I was born in Colchester but have spent lots of my life in Singapore and New Jersey, USA.

Start us off with three interesting facts about you...

  1. I've probably spent a total of 2 weeks underground from caving frequently over the past few years
  2. I have a boat license and SCUBA qualification
  3. I'm a qualified lifeguard

Why did you come to Reading?

I took a week out of high school to travel back to the UK and Tour English and Irish Universities. Reading University was the only one I went to that was genuinely sunny, with no miserable rain but instead had fencing and cheerleaders and all on the green in bright sunshine! My dad also came to Reading University to study so I made the choice certain.

I am a final year, just about to graduate in Business and Management, HBS.

Why did you run for the role of Activities & Opportunities Officer and what did you learn during the elections?

I stood for this role for the same reason I ran for President of the caving society, because I had lots of ideas for the role, for improving how we operate and what events we can run for everyone's' enjoyment. Additionally, the role provided a great learning opportunity to develop my skills.

Also because Covid took away 2 years of my university experience and this is a way to hold on just a bit longer before letting go of being a student.

What experience do you bring to the role?

I have been President of the Reading University Caving Club for the past two years. Organising away trips & socials, managing and directing my committee and leading many students in fun and exciting activities.

What do you want to achieve in the role?

Overall I want to host many fun events this year and get more students involved with activities. 

I will bring more attention to our clubs through stalls, displays and exhibitions, form a community between our clubs together through inter-club events throughout the year, improve training and teambuilding for committees, adapt and improve our Society & Sports awards, and encourage a sense of belonging and pride to our sports.

Quickfire questions! tell us your favourite...

  • Film: The Descent
  • Book: Mistborn: The Well of Ascension
  • Food: Chateaubriand
  • Thing to do in your free time: I love to Camp, Cave, Hike and Scuba Dive
  • Thing about Reading:Reading has a lovely university with a wonderfully green campus and an even better student union.

And, finally, what is one piece of advice you'd give to a brand-new student at Reading?

Join Facebook groups for your halls before university starts, so that you can get to know people online and have familiar faces to ease you into starting out university life on your own.

Check out my manifesto

What does the role of Activities & Opportunities Officer involve?

I am the lead officer for all aspects of the student extracurricular experience. This includes the development and promotion of Sporting and Society activities, Media Streams, Raising and Giving (RAG) and Volunteering opportunities.

As Activities & Opportunities Officer, I am also responsible for the creation of initiatives aimed at enhancing students' professional skill development.

I also lead on events and activities that promote extra-curricular opportunities and skills development, such as Welcome Week and Induction Events and Careers Events.

My remit includes:

  • Leading on development of Sports Clubs and Societies on campus
  • Leading the development of student volunteering schemes, on campus and in the community, nationally and overseas
  • Oversight of and officer lead for the student media streams
  • Supporting the development of Raising and Giving (RAG)
  • Leading on skills development initiatives and events that support all students in their future careers
  • Leading Activity Group meetings for all Societies and Sports Clubs
  • Leading on welcome events, such as RUSU Freshers' Fayre and Refreshers' Fayre
  • Maintaining positive working relationships with key University staff and representing the student voice through attendance and participation in relevant university committees and working groups

I also attend a number of committees and groups to put forward the student voice; some of these are:

  • Student Experience Committee: Ensuring the student experience remains a focus for the University and the Students' Union.
  • Sports Management Committee - Putting forward the student voice when University is considering provision of sport on campus; the maintenance and development of sports-related facilities, the links between sports, health and wellbeing of students.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board - Working with the Inclusion & Communities Officer to ensure the student voice informs the development of university work relating to diversity and inclusion; working to develop and also monitor progress on matters relating to diversity and inclusion for students at the University. Also feeding into activities on all protected characteristics and reviewing priorities.
  • Committee on Student Experience and Development - Working with the Welfare Officer to ensure the students' voice is heard on matters relating to the wider student experience; working to enhance the personal development and employability of students.