Activities Officer

Hi my name is Amy Sheffield, your Activities Officer here at RUSU. During my four years at Reading I’ve been a member of over ten sports and societies, two of which I have been on the committee for and one that I founded myself last year. This has given me loads of experience in competitive sports, supporting mental health, organising socials, creating societies and arranging finances, so I know exactly what changes everyone can benefit from. All the dilemmas that will be brought to me will be handled with compassion and understanding, as I will likely have been in that same situation before myself!

I’m most looking forward to improving inclusivity for everyone, while also helping societies recover from the impact of the pandemic and support them in becoming better than ever before- practically, in organisation and operation and also socially, in growth and community. I’m so excited for the year ahead of us. If you ever have any suggestions for me or just fancy a chat- I’m most likely to be found in my office, via email or on the cheese room dance floor.

My job is to oversee all areas of student activities, including Sports, Societies, Volunteering, RAG and Student Media. I’m here to answer any questions that students and student committee of societies have about activities going on at RUSU, further information on society matters and to develop the extra-curricular opportunities available to students, improving your overall student experience.

Check out my manifesto

My remit also includes:

  • Acting as the lead officer of the Sport clubs and Societies on campus.
  • Chairing the Activity Group meetings for all Societies and Clubs.
  • Acting as the head of the student media streams.
  • Supporting the development of student volunteering schemes and RAG.
  • Lead on RUSU community relations including representing RUSU at community events and meetings.

Some of the committees and groups I sit on include:

  • Society Disciplinary Boards, and looking into matters of disciplinary.
  • Committee on Student Experience and Development (CoSED) - to provide student feedback and an activities perspective.
  • Art Committee.
  • Lead on the Sporting Excellence Scholarship
  • Affiliate new societies or reaffiliate returning societies at RUSU.
  • Promote society events and activities on campus.
  • Run Activity Group Meetings to give student groups the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • RUSU Ideas Feasibility group.
  • RUSU Student Voice.
  • RUSU Trustee Board.