Activities Officer

Hi, I’m Daisy O’Connor, and I’m your Activities Officer for this year! I look after all the sports, societies, media, and volunteering opportunities we have at RUSU, and I also help to maintain a good relationship with the local community. I’m from Birmingham, and I just graduated from Reading with a degree in BA Psychology and Philosophy. I loved my course, but the highlights of my time at Uni came from the activities I took up outside of my studies- I played cricket for the men’s team for two years before starting a really successful women’s team in my final year. Clubs at RUSU are for everyone, so I hope to see you soon!

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Activities Officer Progress Tracker

RUSU Activities Officer 2018 support sport policy

Promotion of sport events across campus with match times and location using social media, website and digital screens. This will encourage more wins for the Reading teams as crowd support is a great motivator! Additionally, it allows Reading students to feel a part of the BUCs Wednesday and the Knights identity without having to participate in the sport itself. This initiative achieves the aims through sports calendars, highlight reels and social media posts. The Good Lad Initiative workshops also sit under support sport as they promote better behaviour amongst are clubs which in turn will reduce negative stereotypes associated with sports and encourage a more cohesive campus between all students.

06/19 In talks with Good Lad Initiative about their rebrand, and how we’re going to develop these workshops at RUSU after fantastic feedback from last year.
11/18 Arranged a meeting with Director of Sport to see if Sports Calendars can go up in Sports Park!
10/18 Sports calendars up on RUSU digital boards. Logistics of sports highlights reel completed with filming taken from matches every Wednesday to be edited and ready for the following Wednesday, shown from 2-6pm in Mojos in conjunction with the Match Day Mojos initiative. Additionally, RUSU and the University arranged Good Lad Initiative workshops for sports club committees as a trial run with potential to make these widespread next year, dependant on feedback. We had good feedback.
09/18 Liaise with Welfare and Diversity officer regarding Good Lad Initiative, what the content would be and how the workshops would run. Booked in workshop sessions with 9 sports committees, taking in consideration match and training times!
08/18 Liaised with RUSU Marketing and Venue about using the digital boards around RUSU with weekly updates of home match times and locations.
07/18 Liaised with the Student Activities department on what sources would be best to communicate match times and dates to the students.
RUSU Activities Officer 2018 match day Mojos policy

Inspired by the cultural norm around Rugby where both oppositions and officials socialise after their sport over food and drink in a club house. Teams should get a chance to relax and enjoy celebrating their match results whilst refuelling. Additionally, removing the competitive side after the match and socialising with the opposition develops our relations with neighbouring universities. To encourage this, I want to offer a food and drink deal at Mojos on Wednesday afternoons.

10/18 Artwork confirmed, social media advertised and emails sent out to sports club. Deal launched!
09/18 Initial meeting with venue to discuss feasibility and food deals. Burger, chips and drinks confirmed for £5. Artwork request sent.
RUSU Activities Officer 2018 community campaign policy

RUSU aims to work with the UoR and local community to improve relations and the overall reputation of students. Through this campaign it will promote better cohesion between the local community and students resulting in a friendlier and safer neighbourhood. Working in conjunction with Dan Bentley (Welfare Officer).

06/19 Discussing with Sarah Gardner how this project can be extended to achieve my manifesto idea to reduce food waste. Looking into charities and/or apps that can redistribute food to those in need in the community.
11/18 With Welfare officer we are completing the website information that is part of the campaigning, providing students 10 points to follow as a neighbour.
10/18 Hello Neighbour packs completed and collected by student staff to post out.
09/18 Artwork request sent and completed. Postcards printed. Materials delivered to RUSU to be packed (packs include: Hello Neighbour envelope, Information postcard in a friendly tone to relay helpful information to students living in private accommodation, a postcard that encourages to contact their neighbours by filling it in a posting it through their door, and finally a tea bag to share a cup of tea with the neighbour). Event decided but due to venue hire and logistics has been postponed.
08/18 Currently brainstorming ideas and names for the campaign, in addition to when in the year a campaign could be launched. -Looking into possible events to support this campaign.
07/18 Initial meeting with Sarah Gardner, (UoR Community Relations Officer) to discuss potential plans for the year.
In progress

The Knights Accreditation Scheme was set up last year however was not majorly advertised and pushed towards our clubs as it was midway through the academic year. This scheme is to encourage sports to move their clubs in the right direction to grow sustainably and improve their society, with Bronze level as the minimum requirement for clubs to affiliate with RUSU.

04/19 At the Sports Awards Ball, awarded the Gold award to Kendo, and the Silver award to Cricket, Swimming, Korfball, Fencing, Swing Dance, Archery and American Football, who are also on track to finish the year with a Gold.
12/18 Made a public spreadsheet for clubs to keep track of which criteria they’ve completed, and send in evidence as they go along.
10/18 Advertised the scheme to sports clubs, and explained the benefits of completing it.
08/18 Restructured and edited the criteria and what needs to be achieved for each level; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Submitted an artwork request where the sports club’s achievement level is more prevalent for others to see on the RUSU website.