RUSU Activities Officer 2019/20 Daisy o'Connor

Activities Officer
Daisy o'Connor

Introduce a Buddy Scheme

Joining a new society or sport can be intimidating if you’re a beginner, or if you don’t already know anybody there. Many students hesitate to try something new because they don’t know anyone that wants to try it with them. An opt-in Buddy Scheme will enable students to be paired up with someone from their halls/accommodation who also wants to give the new activity a try.

Give back to the local community

As a campus University, active integration with the local community is important. The Students’ Union already has links with some fantastic charities which use food banks to help tackle food poverty and homelessness, two of Reading’s most pressing issues. End-of-term food collections around campus would make a huge difference to those in need by making the most of food which students would otherwise throw away before they go home for the holidays. This would also reduce waste and help keep our campus green.

Allow clubs to grow

Because clubs apply for funding several months before the beginning of the academic year, they often struggle to cater for an unexpected increase in membership. To allow clubs to embrace this growth they should be able, mid-way through the year, to elect an additional committee member and/or apply for a funding boost. This would allow clubs to continue to flourish by adding another team, or additional training sessions, for example.


  • Introduce a Buddy Scheme – If students want someone to try new activities with- creating a welcoming environment.
  • Give back to the local community – Donation schemes which help those in need in Reading.
  • Allow clubs to grow – Dynamic policies which enable clubs to embrace growth throughout the year.