Diversity Officer

RUSU Diversity Officer 2019/20 Zeid Sharif

Diversity Officer
Zeid Sharif

Hi I’m Zeid, I’ve completed BSC Environmental Management degree and I have also completed a Foundation degree in Environmental Science here at Reading University. I’m originally from Jordan but have lived most of my life in the United Arab Emirates. I’m really looking forward to being your Diversity Officer this year. I have a number of goals to achieve by the end of my term, some of which are to make everyone at the university feel safe, comfortable and included. Another would be working with the university catering teams to help improve our variety of food for our diverse community we have here on campus.

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Diversity Officer Progress Tracker

In progress

The University catering teams and I have been working closely to organise food focus groups to see what students best prefer as their catered options. Through this we will try to enhance the quality of food that we provide to our catered areas.

In progress

Daisy and I have been planning the cultural show which is an event for all students to attend and show something unique about their culture, this could range from poetry to dancing, and even plays.

In progress

A campaign that we are in the process of organising is the Decolonisation of the Curriculum. This campaign will show the importance of globalising some of the modules we offer here at Reading.

Continuing Projects

RUSU Diversity Officer 2018 free periods progress
In progress

The Free Periods campaign will mark the start of providing free feminine care products (pads and tampons) at RUSU for all students that require them.

I hope to also promote the use of healthier, eco-friendlier and cruelty-free feminine care products through this by working with companies to provide these products at our Students Union in support of the campaign.

Furthermore, I want to raise awareness of Period Poverty in both the UK and internationally. I would like to arrange talks by charities and/or organisations regarding period poverty and the work they do to combat this.

Aside from raising awareness, I would like to encourage students who are able to, to purchase and donate feminine care products to a collection point at RUSU where we will send the products off to a charity organisation that tackles period poverty overseas.

Lastly, I want to break down the taboo surrounding periods by arranging panels, discussions and possible a photography exhibition that talk about periods, body confidence, and female empowerment.

  • Research Further.
  • Write up campaign brief.
  • Free Periods paper written.
  • Begun researching and contacting charities and organisation that could support this
  • Initial idea for the campaign.
  • Initial brainstorming and research surrounding the campaign.
In progress

This idea was started up last year with the Diversity officer and the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. They created badges with ‘he/his’, ‘she/her’. ‘they/their’ and ‘ze/zer’ printed on them that will be created for staff and students across our campuses to wear on their lanyards, backpacks or however they please. This is part of creating a change in our culture across the University of Reading amongst the whole student and staff population.

  • Idea proposed to Deans of Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Costings and potential design discussed with Designer at RUSU.
  • Paper is being written to take to committee meeting with the University for approval.
  • Initial Meeting with University Staff to catch-up on the progress made by previous officers on this scheme.