Diversity Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Wates and I am your Diversity Officer. I chose to run for this role as I believe diversity plays a big part in my life from race to sexuality. I have enjoyed my time here at Reading, from engaging in an open discourse surrounding mental health as President of Open Mind to organising drinking and non-drinking socials in my role as Social Secretary for Yogalates.

My most memorable time during my undergraduate course was spending a term at The University of Reading Malaysia and I would highly encourage anyone to take up Study Abroad opportunities. If you see me around campus or if you have any queries relating to diversity and inclusion please do feel free to drop me an email.

My manifesto:

  1. To host more inclusive events on campus such as Asian History Month and Bisexual Visibility Week.
  2. Improve access to Study Abroad and the university of Reading Malaysia for prospective students.
  3. To create a Partnership Scheme for International students to make friends with UK Home Students.

The Diversity Officer is responsible for the development and management of inclusion and diversity initiatives, as well as taking the lead on liberation related campaigns. The Diversity Officer will meet with the Part Time Officers, offering them support and helping to promote and oversee the campaigns they run.

Check out my manifesto

My remit also includes:

  • Liaising with the Liberation and Representation Part-time Officers to establish common student issues and support them with their campaigning work.
  • Working on all external and internal aspects of inclusion and diversity, including all relevant University committees, and liaising with relevant staff members.
  • Leading on diversity and inclusion campaigns and championing the voice of minority groups on campus; BAME, Disabled, Women, LGBQ+ and Trans students.
  • Being the lead officer on Part-time Officer progress updates.
  • Being responsible for Culture and Faith societies and Activity groups.

The committees and groups I sit on include:

  • RUSU Liberation and Representation Committee (LARC). I lead this committee. This is the committee where all the Part-time Officers discuss the work they have done and how we would like to move forward.
  • The University's Race Equality Review which aims to identify actions for improvement against existing measures of race equality and issues identified through an active listening phase.
  • University Board for Teaching, Learning and Student Experience (UBTLSE) where we discuss teaching and learning for students.
  • Disability Action Plan which aims to increase influence within the University of Reading, to make our community more inclusive to all staff members and students.
  • Sustainability Committee - which seeks to make RUSU more sustainable and environmentally sound.
  • RUSU Ideas Feasibility group.
  • RUSU Student Voice.
  • RUSU Trustee Board.