Hello! My name is Rachel Wates, I'm in my final year of a BSc Psychology with Placement degree. I am President of Open Mind (the mental health society) and Social Secretary of Yogalates.

I believe I would be perfect or this role as I am very passionate about representing the views of our incredibly diverse student body. Being a second-generation, Anglo-Indian, bisexual student, I have a deep understanding of intersectionality and I wish to raise awareness on this framework. Having partaken in the University of Reading Malaysia Mobility Scheme and completing a summer placement in Indonesia, I have developed a passion for cultural integration.

There are many things I would like to achieve in this role if elected. Firstly, I would like to increase acceptance and appreciation for minorities within minorities. For example, I would start an Asian History Month and a Bisexual invisibility/erasure week which will raise equality on campus.

Secondly, I would start up a campaign to make it more accessible and less daunting for students applying for Mobility Schemes and Study Abroad. I had such a great time when I went abroad, and I wouldn’t want any other student to be deterred – especially when this opportunity is available for so many students!

Thirdly, I would want international students to feel more at home and have an established group of friends when they come here to study. So, I would start a partnership scheme in which UK students can make friends with international students online before they arrive.


  • Creating an Asian History Month/ Bisexual Erasure Week as part to proliferate an understanding on intersectionality.
  • Improving access to Study Abroad and University of Reading Malaysia for prospective students.
  • Formulating a partnership scheme to make it easier for international students to integrate with UK students.