RUSU Diversity Officer 2019/20 Zeid Sharif

Diversity Officer
Zeid Sharif

Hey Everyone! Zeid here! Being an international individual, I have been learning about new cultures and people from such a young age, this has made me more culturally aware of my surroundings. By the age of 17 I had travelled to more than 20 countries. I even learnt about my parent’s ancestry, my mother is half German half Palestinian, my father is half Turkish, half Jordanian. Learning about different cultures had always been passion of mine.

I believe in equality, all kinds of equality. The key to a better future is treating each other with the respect we deserve. Differences shouldn’t separate us, they should bring us together, through events, meeting and talks we could discuss or celebrate important elements that are happening in all of our lives. I want to support all groups who need it, by being there in every event, meeting or talk.

I want to bring in more holiday celebrations like Eid, Day of the Dead, And Hanukah amongst others. I want to include more gender involved events, like LGBT+ month, Women’s day, Mother’s Day (bring your mum to union?).

I want to encourage more of the part-time officers to be increasingly involved in decision making and give them more responsibility.

One key factor I want to bring to the university is diversifying the choice of food we have in the university, I want to bring in more international food for international students to feel more at home and even for our local students to enjoy.


  • Bringing Cultural celebration of all kinds to RUSU and involving the London road campus in those events.
  • Diversifying the Food choices around campus. Fresh food and more options are things I want to improve if elected.
  • Involve the PTOs with the strategic direction we are taking.