Education Officer

Hi, my name is Bethany Nugus and I am your RUSU Education Officer for 2021/22. Currently I’m taking a sabbatical year, however next year I’ll be going into my final year as an English Literature student. As a student who was massively affected by strikes and COVID, I feel students’ frustrations first hand and from this I have new ideas on how to make up for the lost time and correct the way our education has been damaged. I am hoping to bring a new attitude to the role and fight for what students want.

The past year has also made me keen to get involved in the University’s decision making and try to make an impact for the better; hoping to improve the teaching and learning experience of my fellow students and those to come.

My role as Education Officer involves attending and participating in a substantial amount of University meetings and committee’s to ensure the student voice is heard at every level. This involves feeding into decisions around policy, including the ECF process, feedback, study space and more! I also work with the Rep Team at RUSU to oversee the academic Course and Senior Reps and ensure the student voice is being fed back into the work I do surrounding the student academic experience.

The main aim for the Education Officer is to improve the students’ academic experience and maintain strong working relationships with relevant University staff and student representatives. I also lead on a variety of academic campaigns, events and projects.

Check out my manifesto

My remit also includes:

  • Working with the Representation Department to organise Undergraduate and Postgraduate Rep elections.
  • Working with Academic advisers and the Postgraduate Part-time Officers to ensure RUSU are constantly aware of academic issues that affect all students.
  • Overseeing and leading on academic campaigns.
  • Attending the highest level of University meetings on Teaching, Learning and Research.
  • Supporting academic societies including activity group meetings.
  • Liaising with academic structures within the University outside of Teaching & Learning such as the Library, Careers Centre and Study Support.

A non-exhaustive list of the committee’s I sit on:

  • University Board of Teaching and Learning and Student Experience (UBTLSE).
  • University Programmes Board (UPB).
  • Delivery and Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (DELT).
  • Teaching and Learning Delivery Group (TLDG).
  • Teaching and Learning Contingency Group (TLCG).
  • Chair of RUSU Elections Committee.
  • Panel Member for Standing Committee on Academic Misconduct, the Standing Committee on Academic Engagement and the Fitness to Study and Extenuating Circumstances Appeal Board..
  • Teaching and Learning Development Fund Award Panels.
  • RUSU Ideas Feasibility group.
  • RUSU Student Voice.
  • RUSU Trustee Board.
  • And a variety of dynamic working groups.