Education Officer

Since joining the University, I have loved being involved with the Union. In my first year, I became a Course Rep and enjoyed it so much that I became a School Rep in my second year! Through these roles within the Union, I have gained a great deal of experience in providing support for students, specifically in regards to educational matters. Having studied a Primary Education degree, I am passionate about teaching and education, and believe that we are all entitled to the best education that the University of Reading can offer.

As your Education Officer, one of my main priorities is to introduce mid-modular feedback throughout the University, in order to ensure that students and educators are working together to improve the quality of education. Mid-modular feedback would allow changes to happen in real time as opposed to being implemented in the future.

Secondly, I will work to ensure that there are more study spaces across all campuses throughout the 2026 Transform. I would work with the University to provide later opening times on study spaces, provide easily accessible resources both online and on campus and improve computer access across all campuses.

Thirdly, I will campaign for a printing allowance for every student, as well as extended allowances for those studying an arts based degree. Multiple universities around the UK offer this allowance, so why can’t we?


  • Introduce mid-modular feedback: Frequent feedback to ensure that changes happen in real time.
  • More study spaces: Ensure easily accessible spaces across all campuses, with computer access and adequate plug sockets!
  • Printing allowance: An allowance system starting with a yearly allowance and progressing to termly for more heavy printing-based courses.

Education Officer Progress Tracker

RUSU Education Officer 2018 printing allowance policy
In progress

An allowance system with a yearly allowance and progressing to termly for more heavy printing-based courses.

08/18 Spoke to other unions around the country to gather methods and ideas of achieving this.
07/18 Introductory meeting with IT to discuss the possibility of this.
RUSU Education Officer 2018 mid-modular feedback policy
In progress

Frequent feedback throughout modules to ensure that changes can happen in real time.

08/18 Meeting to gain ideas on how to best implement this feedback practice.
07/18 Mid-modular feedback is now in University policy and went through UBTL early in the academic year.
RUSU Education Officer 2018 study space policy
In progress

Ensure easily accessible spaces across both campuses, with computer access and adequate plug sockets.

08/18 London Road Common Room changed to provide more efficient study space.
07/18 The study 2.0 plans being reviewed and finalised.
07/18 Meetings to discuss how to best utilise our empty spaces around University.
RUSU Education Officer 2018 laptop hire policy
In progress

Have free laptop hire as an option within the library/the study in order to relieve the demand for desktop computers. Also, to provide more access points for those who need certain software on their courses.

07/18 Investigations into cost of these for the study.
07/18 Initial meeting with IT to gain information on current provisions at the University.
RUSU Education Officer 2018 RUSUsaysRevise policy
In progress

08/18 Meeting with study advice to discuss working together on this campaign.
07/18 Planning ideas for the campaign such as workshops.
RUSU Education Officer 2018 BME attainment policy
In progress
09/18 Discussions around BME attainment gap at NUS training and what NUS are doing to combat this issue.
08/18 Work to organise an evening on the BME attainment gap to be held on Tuesday 27th of November.