Education Officer

RUSU Education Officer 2020/21 George Ingram

Education Officer
George Ingram

Hi! I’m George. I was born in London and I’m the youngest in my lovable family, obsessed with iced coffee and high energy most hours of the day. One side of my family has Scottish roots and the other English roots. I’ve interned in the Houses of Parliament and at Wall Street in New York, it fit’s quite well with my undergrad which was in Politics and International Relations. In my free time I’m a huge fan of amateur photography.

I wanted to be Education Officer because throughout my time at the University I felt like there were things which could be made better. Especially around course structures and processes. I want to get them fixed.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt so far, to put it simply, is listening. Talking to so many students really showed me you can never fully comprehend the issues being faced by anyone else unless you’re also affected. I’ve come to understand it’s incredibly important to know who you’re representing and why.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy socialising with my friends – an evening in the pub with those you care about is an experience to be remembered and also to be thankful for. I also love amateur theatre and listening to music. I’ve listened to three songs by The Chainsmokers over 600 times.

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