Who Am I?

Hi. I am Oscar, a final-year law student. Over the past three years, I have worked to represent students as a Course Rep, Senior Rep and Student Trustee. Having enjoyed these roles, I want to continue working alongside students and staff to make a positive impact on educational standards at Reading.

My Aims

Maintaining the successes from the pandemic

The past few years have shown that traditional teaching and assessments formats are not always the most preferred, or effective. Whilst we return to in person teaching, I believe it is important to preserve the benefits of screencasts and take-home exams. Moreover, adopting 23-hour exams in place of some traditional timed exams could be used to stagger deadlines more effectively. Therefore, I want to work with staff to:

  1. ensure lectures are always recorded in some capacity; and
  2. maintain a balance of assessment types, pursuing continued integration of the take-home exam.

Ensuring detailed assessment feedback

Feedback on assessments is often a key area of complaint amongst students. I want to work to resolve this by making sure that marking rubrics are always completed in detail and that students are informed in advance of delayed feedback.

Strengthening academic communities

Overreliance on emails and surveys has led to weaker communications between students and staff. A key focus of mine will be to work with academic departments to find ways to better nurture their individual student communities. This might be through organizing more student-staff events, or re-formatting module evaluations.

3 Point Summary:

Ensuring detailed assessment feedback and staff communication throughout feedback delivery.

Maintaining the successes from the pandemic, such as the continued recording of lectures and use of take-home exams.

Strengthening academic communities through more student-staff events and better avenues of feedback.