I'm George, I study Politics and IR; I'm Head of Production for Junction11 and a Course Rep.

Standardize Feedbacks

Across the university, we still receive feedback consisting of one or two lines on TurnItIn. University policy does not dictate the amount of feedback that needs to be given. With such minimal information being handed back, it's another obstacle preventing students from understanding and improving. I would work with departments in implementing more effective minimum standards in feedback provided to solve this.

More Study Space

The renovated Library has been a huge success, however study space still remains an issue on campus, especially during exam season. Since the closure of the URS, there hasn't been a drastic change in capacity even with the library renovations. I would work alongside the University to re-open the URS or provide alternative solutions.

Better Access to Library Resources

In heavily subscribed and compulsory modules, accessing library materials in time for assignments can be an additional pressure alongside studying. This shouldn't be an issue students need to worry about. Where possible, I would like to work with the University to create an online portal to these materials, hugely increasing availability of these resources.

Department LinkedIn Pages

One highlight of the University Experience is the opportunity to network and connect with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, especially those studying alongside you. I would like to promote a better alumni atmosphere, allowing everyone to stay in touch with Department LinkedIn pages.


  • Standardized Feedback

    Implement better criteria for feedback given for assessed work, ending single-line evaluations.

  • More Study Space

    Find and develop dedicated areas for studying, firstly looking at the URS.

  • Better Access to Library Resources

    Create an online avenue to access library resources, dramatically increasing accessibility.