RUSU Education Officer 2019/20 Fifi Bangham

Education Officer
Fifi Bangham

I'm Fifi, a third year undergraduate studying Primary Education with Art. I would like to be your Education Officer for 2019/20.

Longer Library Opening Hours

With already limited study space on the Whiteknights campus, the current library opening hours are limiting access to valuable study space as well as key resources. Lengthening the opening hours would therefore allow more people to make use of the library space, which is key especially around exam time.

Improve Feedback Guidelines

Do you feel like your assignment feedback varies depending on who is marking it? Improving guidelines for assignment marking would lead to more clarity and consistency across modules and departments. I would also like to investigate alternative feedback options to go alongside written feedback.

Make Reading Lists Easier to Access

When using module reading lists, many students have found limited access to copies of e-books or physical texts of resources listed from the library. This can be both frustrating and also detrimental to students studying. I would like to ensure that all books and resources that are listed are widely available to all students- and that students are not forced to buy texts by a lack of university resources.

Academic Tutor Contact

Contact with Academic Tutors varies hugely across subjects at the University. Increased available contact time to meet with Academic Tutors would allow for further opportunities to discuss assignments and study related issues.


  • Longer Library Opening Hours – Increase availability of study space and resources
  • Improve Feedback Guidelines – Make feedback content more consistent across the university
  • Make Reading List Easier to Access – Ensure there is adequate access to reading list resources for all students

Have your voice, Fifi's your choice.