Hello everyone, I’m Molli, your RUSU President! I’ve just finished my degree in English Literature and over my time at Reading I’ve got involved with a lot on campus. I’ve been on RAG committee, St George’s JCR, School Rep, netball and worked on bars, just to name a few! I’m really excited to work on events spaces, employability and student engagement this year to make sure your uni experience is the best it can be!

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President Progress Tracker

RUSU President 2018 RUSU App policy
In progress

Make University and Union events accessible so you always know what’s going on.

29/10/18 Demo viewed of app provided by MSL who currently who we currently use as framework for elections, payments for society membership etc.
17/09/18 Launch week for Totum, problematic launch. App does not launch with the key desired features of a RUSU app, stance is reevaluated on whether the app is fit for purpose.
01/08/18 Digital marketing materials delivered for the app launch, including further meetings with the NUS.
25/07/18 RUSU meets with NUS to discuss Totum launch for the next academic year.
01/18 £100,000 allocated for the development of a dedicated RUSU App, discussions held with suppliers and paper drafted on feasibility. Later in the year, we learn of Totum which is said to partially fulfil the aims of the RUSU app, and therefore procedures are paused on the app to concentrate efforts on the Totum launch.
RUSU President 2018 loyalty scheme policy
In progress

Rewarding students for their purchases and engagement with the Students’ Union.

16/11/18 Meeting with two students to discuss feasibility of recycling loyalty scheme for glass on campus.
10/11/18 After launch of Totum does not indicate the integration of a satisfactory loyalty scheme at University Of Reading, investigatory work begins into integration with campus cards.
12/07/18 Discussed points scheme at University of Exeter and how effective the financial model might be for the economics of a Student Union.
12/07/18 Feasibility discussed with venue management, team are made aware that Totum will be including certain discounts and offers. Next action will be based on what can run alongside Totum, if the app achieves what is expected.
Not yet started

Ensuring Postgraduate Students are represented effectively by RUSU.

In progress

Helping students find jobs and opportunities by working with Campus Jobs and Careers.

Filmed video with Campus Jobs. Worked with Careers management to improve accessibility to services.
In progress

Improve the returners process with halls, help students with private housing and keep pushing for more affordable accommodation. Also working with our arrivals teams to ensure new students who are given temporary accommodation are swiftly allocated accommodation.

06/11/18 HAC informs RUSU returners process open earlier than usual, requested special consideration for DAS students.
20/10/18 Met with Accomodation Team to discuss rent setting for next year and keep rent prices down.
20/07/18 Met with Accommodation team to discuss hotel students.

Other Campaigns and Projects


Student Voice is our democratic platform for student representation at RUSU, where students are able to vote on ideas and debate key issues that affect their time at the University of Reading. While I see completion as the first event going smoothly and aims of the event being hit, this is an ongoing process to improve and shape the model of Student Voice as a democratic platform.

15/11/18 First student voice, guest speaker organised to introduce.
28/10/18 Prepared goodybags for Student Voice, including risk husk sustainable coffee cups for all members for free.
22/10/18 Worked with democracy coordinator to redo Student Voice training and guidelines.
In progress

Over the course of the year we run numerous elections, with the Officer elections being held in February. There are a few tweaks I want to do to the process so these will be detailed here.

20/11/18 Meeting to discuss potential mentoring scheme during the Officer elections in February next year.
30/07/18 First meet with elections committee. Student voice member elections sees growth in nominations, new systems implemented to ensure members attend SV.