RUSU President 2019/20 Molli Cleaver

Molli Cleaver

From being President of RAG to President of St George’s JCR, I have developed a confidence, resilience and motivation that will allow me to succeed as your President. These roles have made me realise the unbelievably large passion I have for Reading - a passion I want to pass on.

How will I achieve this?

Event Space

  • Mojos@Midnight – an updated social space that provides the work life balance we all need! Think: mocktails, smoothies and milkshakes; add in ping pong tables and beer pong tables, providing the ultimate getaway!
  • More outdoor spaces – overhead canopy expanding space for rehearsals and meetings, taking advantage of the gorgeous environment. Stylish glass pods outside RUSU giving you exciting space to hold meetings, run socials and spice up your revision!
  • Improve ease of room booking – allowing you to quickly find the space you need across campus.

Employability and Graduation

  • Cheaper graduation – allowing everyone to graduate with friends and family.
  • RED talks – streamlining alumni and professional talks across schools allowing anyone access!
  • ‘Graduates Guide to Survival’ – talks preparing third years for post-graduation, making it a little easier to leave those VK’s behind (well maybe not entirely).


  • New merch – show off your stash in style, including a personalisation service!
  • Year-round voting stations – easy to access with your campus card, making sure your voice is heard!
  • Touch screen boards in RUSU – More than just a picture, giving you info on the spot!


  • Event Space – Mojos@Midnight: exciting drinks, ping pong and more! Brand new outdoor spaces
  • Employability and Graduation – Cheaper graduation. RED Talks: inspiration for everyone! ‘Graduates Guide to Survival’.
  • Engagement – New merch! Year round voting stations. Touch screen in RUSU!

Molli Makes It Matter!