RUSU President 2020/21 Rachel Osborne

Rachel Osborne

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a third year Consumer Behaviour and Marketing student and President of the Zero Waste Society. Having the opportunity to be able to start and grow my own society with the support of RUSU has really led me to be the person I am. I want to make sure RUSU's opportunities only ever keep growing and leading students to achieve everything they’re capable of.

#Morethanagrad - From finances to friendships to working out your next step, there are a lot of problems you face as a young person. I will start a RUSU podcast which addresses all the problems you face as a student and will face as a graduate so you can handle them better. Plus, I will create an easy database which guides you to the right person to talk to when facing ANY of these challenges.

Sustainability- Have university-wide clothes swaps to address clothing waste on campus (meaning you get free clothes). Plus, have better promotion of the ways you can reduce your environmental impact on campus.

Let the good times roll- Having fun is a key part of being at university. To crank up the good times I will get live music nights at Union meaning bands will play, I will run shorter, term time trips like weekends in Paris and there will be more animal play days throughout the year so you can manage the stresses of deadlines while holding a puppy.


  • #Morethanagrad- Start a RUSU podcast addressing key student and graduate issues making you ready to face life after graduation.
  • Sustainability- Run University wide clothes swaps and promote ways you can reduce your environmental impact on campus.
  • Have more fun- Live music, weekend trips and animal visits to campus.