Welfare Officer

RUSU Welfare Officer 2020/21 Bandy Karki

Welfare Officer
Bandy Karki

Hi, my name is Bandy and I have grown up in London my whole life, but my parents are originally from Nepal. I am a London girl through and through - I miss it terribly! I grew up going to Hyde Park with my friends, going into the free art galleries and dining in cool restaurants. I would definitely say I am a proud British Nepalese, although, being able to accept both parts of that has been a challenge, but, I love what both cultures have taught me. My full name is Bandana (weird I know right) but in the Hindi language it actually means ‘to pray’. I like to go with the name ‘Bandy’ though (nickname given to me in high school).

Talking to so many students has made me realise realised how many of us face the same problems. I’ve had conversations about housing issues, mental health struggles and women’s safety issues- it showed me the power of vulnerability. I don’t think I particularly want to remembered as Welfare Officer in any way - I really just want to make an impact to students’ wellbeing during university. If I have made it easier for even one student, then I think I’ll have done my job.

What’s your biggest passion?

I have such a passion to raise awareness for mental health. I was an Honorary Assistant Psychologist working at Oxford NHS for my placement year, I worked with adults in a depression clinic, and in my final year I was Vice President of Open Mind Society. These two roles in particular helped me form my mental health knowledge which I am so excited about bringing to the role. I knew whatever I ended up doing after University I wanted to help people and make a difference.

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