Welfare Officer

Hello, my name is Grace Loweth (my pronouns are She/her) and I am your RUSU Welfare Officer. I’m a born northerner but have lived in Wales from the age of two so call Wales home. During my university experience, I have been actively involved in Reading RAG, been an NUS delegate, Student Voice Member, worked for the University Bars team and have undertaken a placement year. These roles have given me the skills and knowledge which allows me to listen to and understand the problems students face and tackle them directly. I am an active listener and am always interested to hear of other people’s opinions and how it compares to my own which I think is key to the role and how best to implement services and events to improve safety and welfare of students.

This year, I hope to improve the information available for students regarding their mental health and normalise that students often have poor mental health. I also want to increase the access of mental health services available as waiting times for counselling can be long which can further deteriorate students’ mental health. I hope to have regular meetings with students to continually listen to their needs and then adapt and create plans to work alongside students on these needs. In addition to this, I have so many more ideas and services that I think students will benefit from and can’t wait to discuss with students on how best to implement them.

My main job as a RUSU Welfare Officer is making sure I represent students voice in important decision making such as Halls (including private accommodation); safety around campus and mental health. This involves liaising with the Welfare Team, Counselling team, UPP and the advice service at RUSU. I also sit on various University committees.

Check out my manifesto

My remit includes:

  • Working on welfare related campaigns and initiatives.
  • Liaising with the RUSU Advice Service, meeting with advisers regularly to discuss issues affecting students.
  • Overseeing the work and appointment of the Halls Committees while improving the welfare provision for students living in halls.
  • Training, supporting and liaising with the Welfare Reps in all sports clubs, societies and volunteer groups, as well as the new Wellbeing Champions, a new scheme being rolled out this year!
  • Working on all external and internal aspects of welfare, including all relevant University committees, and liaising with relevant staff members.
  • Lead on RUSU community relations including representing RUSU at community events and meetings.

The committees and groups I sit on include:

  • Council: This is the highest governing board at the University that sets the direction and governance of the University.
  • NeverOK: This committee makes decisions on how to tackle bullying, racism, and harassment on campus.
  • Drug and Alcohol partnership (DAAP): This committee tackles and campaigns about the use of students using drugs & alcohol.
  • Halls Accommodation Committee (HAC): This committee discusses everything to do with halls, budgeting, food and major welfare issues.
  • Student Experience committee (CoSED): all the full time officers sit on this committee and various members of the University. This committee ensures that student experience is flourishing and each departments give their updates on student activities.
  • RUSU Ideas Feasibility group.
  • RUSU Student Voice.
  • RUSU Liberation and Representation Committee.
  • RUSU Trustee Board.