Welfare Officer

Hi, I’m Dan! I studied BA English Language here at Reading and I’ve had an incredible university experience, and you will too! From getting involved with RAG, to being the Welfare Rep for Wessex Hall, I’ve tried to do much as possible to enjoy the non-academic side of uni life! So, my top tip is to get involved with as much as you can – you won’t regret it!

This is my vision for a union that is able to understand, provide and care for the welfare of every single student at the University of Reading. Everyone is deserving of support and guidance for issues concerned with consent, mental health and safety, amongst many others. These issues do not discriminate, therefore the campaigns put in place must be accessible to all. As Welfare Rep of the Wessex JCR, I witnessed the amazing things students do every day, however I've also seen the devastating effects that the lows can have on young people. RUSU's Full Time Student Officers are able to positively benefit students’ lives and if appointed, I look forward to being a part of that movement.

My manifesto points will enable students to have unlimited potential in a thriving environment. If elected Welfare Officer, I will engage with students, listen to students and act for students.


Stamp Out campaign targeting sexual harassment on campus. Continued support for all students, whilst promoting a better understanding of consent.

Mental Health

Develop the availability of Counselling Services and build on campaigns for body image and self-esteem in addition to male mental health, inclusive of all.

Safe Taxi Scheme

Liaise with local taxi companies so students with no money can get home safely after a night out.


  • Produce Stamp Out sexual harassment campaign on campus and promote better understanding of consent.
  • Increase Counselling Service availability. Build on campaigns for body image and self-esteem, and male mental health.
  • Liaise with local taxi companies so students with no money can get home safely.

Welfare Officer Progress Tracker

RUSU Welfare Officer 2018 safe taxi scheme policy

The Safe Taxi scheme aims to ensure students with no money on them are able to get home safely.

  • Artwork has been approved for the scheme.
  • Yellow cars has agreed to be the official partner of the scheme.
  • Marketing approved and sent to print ready for dispersal during Freshers.
  • Currently contacting taxi companies to be involved in the scheme.
  • Artwork request submitted for promotional and practical materials, with the intention to be designed and printed for Welcome Week.
  • Structure has been decided for scheme after checking with the relevant departments in RUSU to make sure the scheme will be as effective as possible.
  • In discussion with other student unions to see how their scheme works and if there have been any issues with the scheme in the past.
  • There appears to be either a ‘pre-payed’ system or ‘pay and collect system’. Currently looking at what’s best for Reading students.
06/18 Began brainstorming potential structures for scheme and how it would work practically at Reading.
RUSU Welfare Officer 2018 mental health policy
In progress

On my manifesto, I pledged to lobby the university to reduce counselling waiting times and provide better accessibility to the various support services the university provides. In addition to this, I will run campaigns based on body confidence and mental health, specifically male mental health, and the attitudes surrounding these issues.

10/18 Discussion have begun with the university to look forward to collaboration on various events.
08/18 Working with the university to produce a diagram showing the different ways to access the various support services.
RUSU Welfare Officer 2018 hello neighbour policy
In progress

RUSU aims to work with the UoR and local community to improve relations and the overall reputation of students. Through this campaign it will promote better cohesion between the local community and students resulting in a friendlier and safer neighbourhood. Working in conjunction with Ali Perry (Activities Officer).

  • Name confirmed to be ‘Hello, Neighbour!’. The campaign will focus on encouraging good relations with students and the local community.
  • Plans for Freshers’ Week and Autumn Term have been discussed and planned.
  • Artwork has been designed ready of the new academic year.
  • Currently brainstorming ideas and names for the campaign, in addition to when in the year a campaign could be launched.
  • Looking into possible events to support this campaign.
07/18 Initial meeting with Sarah Gardner, (UoR Community Relations Officer) to discuss potential plans for the year.
RUSU Welfare Officer 2018 #NeverOK campaign policy
In progress

An anonymous reporting system is already in place at UoR to report discrimination or harassment in any form. However, this academic year, I will be working with the RUSU Diversity Officer (Nozomi Tolworthy 雷希望) as well as the university on creating a ‘Never OK’ campaign that draws attention to reporting systems in place for students as well as where to go or who to speak to when you need help, support or advice.

10/18 Campaign to launch in November 2018.
09/18 Attended meetings regarding the #NeverOK campaign artwork. After several revisions, it is now in the final stages of being designed and printed.
  • Attended meetings about what should lie under ‘Never OK’ and the branding of the campaign.
  • Discussed campaign and #NeverOK launch.
07/18 Attended meetings regarding the campaigns.
RUSU Welfare Officer 2018 dropin policy

I’m planning to have a weekly drop-in session for students as part of my ‘Welfare Wednesdays’ initiative. This will enable students to come and talk to me about anything from campaigns to discussing the changes they want to see on campus.