RUSU Welfare Officer 2019/20 Gemma King

Welfare Officer
Gemma King

I’m a 3rd year Psychology student and committee member of societies Open Mind and Sport in Mind, I am passionate about making a positive impact on students’ wellbeing. I understand how it can be difficult to balance deadlines, social life and mental wellbeing and I believe that together we can take simple steps to combat issues surrounding students’ welfare.

Mental health and wellbeing support

It can be difficult to know where to go to for help regarding mental health. Currently, it’s not easy for students to navigate which support systems are available and there can be long waiting times for the counselling service. I would compile an easy-to-use directory of wellbeing support services that students can use to find internal and external support that suits them.


Safety of students walking to and from campus is a growing concern. I would like to make people safer by providing transport (safety bus and taxi services) and give students a safe space after union with water and a wider range of food options to sober up. We also need better opportunities to find friends to walk home with and increase awareness of the security services we have on campus.


Landlords and estate agents exploiting students has become an ever-increasing problem in Reading with high prices and low-quality accommodation. I want to work pro-actively with the University and local councils to tackle these issues and hold them accountable by creating a housing rating scheme, where students can share their housing experiences.


  • Improve access to mental health and wellbeing support – Create a directory where students can access available internal and external support.
  • Enhance safety on campus – Safe spaces, eating outlets and transport after union.
  • Tackle housing issues – Create a housing rating system to reduce exploitation of students by landlords.