My name is Bandana! I am 4th-year Psychology student. I am currently the Vice President of Open Mind Society, which helps to tackle stigma and campaign about mental wellbeing on campus.

Introducing Welfare Hotline:

If you are having a mental health crisis or if you have disputes with your flatmates, it's difficult to get into contact with your welfare team in halls. Waiting lists for the counselling service at University or the GP can sometimes be weeks. Welfare Hotline, similar to Halls Hotline would allow you to have access to your welfare and halls mentors five days a week. This service would allow students an immediate support system if they are going through a crisis.

Tackling Student Housing Issues:

Students consistently being taken advantage of by Landlords and living in subpar conditions is an issue that every student faces. To tackle this issue, I propose that we hold a housing forum meeting once a month with a housing advisor officer to share our experiences on housing issues and get knowledge about our tenant rights.

Campaigning for Sexual Safety and Tackling Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is never okay. I am going to be campaigning for Bar Staff and Bouncers on campus to be trained on detecting sexual harassment and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy. I want to campaign to have a sexual health tent on campus once a month and have sexual health advisors specialising in LGBTQ+ issues.


  • Welfare Hotline: Allow you to have access to your welfare team in halls for an immediate support system when in a crisis.
  • Student Housing Issues: Holding a housing forum about housing issues with a housing advice officer.
  • Sexual Safety: Bar Staff and Bouncers to be trained in detecting sexual harassment.