RUSU BAME Officer 2019/20

BAME Officer
Ruth Adeniyi

I’m Wen Chen, year 2 Asian student of Finance and Investment Banking, one of the course rep for the Finance.

As a typically Asian student, I know some of my Asian classmates not confident for their English and shy to talk or make foreign friends. They study in UK but living like they are still in their home country. And I’m shy to speak out English too. So I can understand them and be a rep of them. I’ll try to encourage them to make their voices being heard and make friends from different countries. Such as giving them some advice if all of their roommates are foreigners, what can they do to make friends with them. Or I will empathically comfort them as I know how nervous it would be when suddenly in a strange environment.


  • Invite friendly and helpful volunteers from different countries and set up a counselling room which can help students by talking with them.
  • Giving some advice in their mother languages; and;
  • Trying to make them feel more relaxed during counselling as well as in school life.