Disabled Students' Officer

Disabled Students' Officer 2020/21 – Konstantina Nouka

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Disabled Students' Officer
Konstantina Nouka

About Me

Hi, I’m Konstantina, and I’ll be your Disabled Students’ Officer for the 2020/21 academic year. I am going in to my final year of my Law LLB degree and I am hoping to become a human rights advocate in the future!

Many people claim that they are pretty unique but in my case this is a medical documented fact since I am suffering from Ulrich Muscular Dystrophy! What does that mean? So, I can't walk or stand or can't lift any strong items because my muscular strength is equivalent to a 3-year-old! Therefore, I am using a super-cool wheelchair daily!

What experience do you bring to the role?

The reason why I wanted to become the Disabled Students’ Officer was because I strongly feel that a lot more can change in the university in order to make the life of students with disabilities much easier within the campus! As your Disabled Students’ Officer, I hope to make the campus more accessible to disabled students, make social events inclusive so students with disabilities can participate easily, and decrease the stigma around disabilities.

Why did you want to stand for this role?

As a student with a serious physical disability, I have experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of being a disabled student in the University of Reading. Thus, I will be able to work on areas such as accessibility and independence which are so important for everyone suffering from mobility challenges.

Fast Facts!

  • I am very interested in Astrophysics and Cosmology and while I was in secondary school I had the opportunity to speak with Prof. Stephen Hawking.
  • I can speak 4 languages (Greek, English, Russian and French).
  • I published a fiction novel at the age of 14 and it was called "Spies in Small Size", while I was living back in Athens.

You can get in touch with Konstantina via her email, disabledstudents@rusu.co.ukdisabledstudents@rusu.co.uk, or via her Facebook page.


RUSU have created student-run, peer-support networks for you. This is your opportunity to meet other students from similar backgrounds, share common experiences and receive advice and support from each other. RUSU’s Disabled Students’ Officer will be running a peer-support network for students with disabilities. You can find out when and where the next meeting is at the Student Networks page.