RUSU Disabled Students' Officer 2019/20


Disabled Students' Officer
Konstantina Nouka

Deaf Awareness on Campus

This campus is not d/Deaf aware and this needs to change. I want to introduce mandatory d/Deaf awareness training alongside usual disability training to all academic staff to enable anyone with any degree of hearing loss to access teaching.

I would also like to make it a requirement for any video content to be fully captioned with subtitles. This doesn’t just benefit d/Deaf students, but anyone who finds it difficult to access spoken English.


Continuing the work of the previous Disabled Students’ Officer, I will keep campaigning for accessible building entrances. Image descriptions across all University social media – including RUSU – for those who are blind or partially sighted should be introduced and enforced.

Study spaces on campus are not fully accessible. Accessible and adjustable study spaces are needed for students to access these critical areas equally with their able-bodied peers.

Disability support

While I always believe in the importance of ‘ability’ in ‘disability’, there is no denying that being a disabled student on campus is tough. I want to be a point of contact for any disabled student who feels they are lacking support at university. I promise to fight alongside these students for the access they crucially need.


  • Deaf awareness – Mandatory Deaf Awareness training needed along with fully captioned video content.
  • Accessibility – Accessible building entrances, image descriptions, and accessible study spaces.
  • Disability support – Point of contact for disabled students who need support and guidance.