Environment and Ethics Officer

Environment and Ethics Officer 2019/20 – Bailey Hall

RUSU Environment and Ethics Officer 2019/20

Environment and Ethics Officer
Bailey Hall

About Me

I am from a small village called New Ash Green. I attended Saint Georges Church of England School in Gravesend. I played football for both school and local teams. I coach and referee younger teams at my local football club when I am at home. I have three sisters and no brothers, which has both plenty of benefits and disadvantages. I think my overwhelming interest for the environment came from being raised in such a green area and then travelling outwards and seeing how many places were less green. My ethical interests were accelerated by studying philosophy and ethics at A-level and I think its important to hold simplistic beliefs such as to look after others as well as ourselves.

Tell us 3 ‘interesting’ or ‘fun’ facts about you

  • I am a newly avid collector of vinyl.
  • I don’t know anyone with a bigger mouth than me.
  • I love to dance but I don’t know a worse dancer than me.

Why did you want to stand for this role?

I wanted to stand for this role, mainly because I have a keen interest in the environment but also for the responsibility. I think it is important that young people have some sort of responsibility that they can learn to manage as they grow older. I also wanted to make a positive change in the community and in the university. I wanted to be a motivated personality within RUSU and to bring action to the Union.

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