International Students' Officer

International Students' Officer 2021/22 – Kimberley Tang

RUSU International Students' Officer 2021/22 Kimberley Tang

International Students' Officer
Kimberley Tang

About Me

My name is Kimberley and I am 19. I come from Hong Kong. With a passion towards language, I am studying English Language and Linguistics. I will be working as International Students’ Officer this year under RUSU and I am sure that I will have a great journey working with the team and working for international students.

What would you like to achieve during your time in office?

I would like to help promote more career opportunities here in the UK for international students, as I see how frustrating is it for international students when they reach a stage where they have to make decisions on their future. Whether they should continue challenging themselves in the UK or go back to their hometown where they have more connections and are more familiar with the working environment. I would like to help students create connections with non-local employers here in the UK, so international students can learn from the employers’ experiences and make a better decision for themselves.

Also, I would like to create more opportunities for international students to communicate with each other and to exchange the cultures from different countries.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

She is a person I met during my summer holiday when I had a part-time job in a VIP event of an international brand. She is a PR director in the brand, and I saw how she communicated with stakeholders of the event, also how she deals with accidents immediately and to solve the problems created. I was amazed by how confident she is and how she leads the team with people from different cultural backgrounds to work for the company hosting a gorgeous event. Even though accidents happened during the time because of the weather, she dealt with them one by one in perfect ways. I want to be like her.

What experience will you bring to the role?

During my time as a secondary school student, I worked in different teams with different people. Thanks to the experiences I had, I know how to communicate well with the team and to respect different people’s ideas as people will see the same issue with different perspectives. And I am really happy with that as it helps me to see the world in a new way and to learn more.

Also, I had different identities in different groups, such as leader, committee member, participants, etc. With numerous identities I had before in different events, I understand what people need when they participate an event in different positions. So, I can host a campaign better.

You can get in touch with Kimberley via her email,, or via her Facebook page.


RUSU have created student-run, peer-support networks for you. This is your opportunity to meet other students from similar backgrounds, share common experiences and receive advice and support from each other. RUSU’s International Students’ Officer will be running a peer-support network for international students. You can find out when and where the next meeting is at the Student Networks page.