RUSU Mature Students' Officer 2019/20

Mature Students' Officer
Kathryn Bedford

I’m Chris, first year Psychology and Philosophy student and apparently, old! I’m fascinated by who we are, how we act and what drives us, and being born and bred in the town I’m proud to be a student at the University. I love walking around campus, seeing the people who form the community we have, and pondering how many think I’m a lecturer rather than a student!

I’m standing because I’m passionate about helping other mature students to get everything out of university they can.

Study Spaces

Many mature students (like me) treat University like a “9-to-5”, commuting in and can’t just pop back to halls if every study space is reserved by a pile of books and a coat all day. I want to create a mature students’ area. Somewhere to go that is available, quiet and always there. So, when you want to study, you know there’s a dedicated workspace for just for you.


The University is great at putting on talks, creating study guides and setting up well-being services; but rubbish at advertising them properly. Mature students need targeted support, that’s relevant to us, to feel included. I want to work with the University to sort that.


RUSU is here for everyone, but I feel it has an image problem with the mature students – it’s just the societies and nightclub for young people, right? I want to change that. I want the mature students to know it is there for them as well.


  • Study space – set up a dedicated space for mature students on campus.
  • Relevance – improve the relevance and signposting of university advice and support regarding the needs and issues of mature students.
  • RUSU – clarify RUSU’s image so mature students understand they can turn to it when needed.