Postgraduate Research Students' Officer

Postgraduate Research Students' Officer 2021/22 – Ainur Bulasheva

RUSU Postgraduate Research Officer 2021/22 Ainur Bulasheva

Postgraduate Research Officer
Ainur Bulasheva

About Me

Hi, I am Ainur, and I am a second-year PhD student in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Economics. I was elected as the Postgraduate Research Part-time Officer for 2021/22.

I made one of the most important decisions in my life last year. I moved to the UK with my whole family for postgraduate studies. The fact is that I was lucky enough to become the winner of the Presidential scholarship. As a result, my tuition fees and living costs are covered by the state (Kazakhstan). So, I decided to take this opportunity.

I also have a position as a Mentor of Online courses at the Future Learn platform offered by Campus jobs.

What experience will you bring to the role?

My strongest trait is determination. I accept all the challenges and do what I need to achieve my goals, even when difficult. Whenever I encounter new tasks or work assignments, I always try to approach the matter responsibly, even if this is something new and unfamiliar to me.

What would you like to achieve during your time in office?

PhD students are usually individually trained and immersed in their research. And quite often, they are not aware of their opportunities to be heard when problems and concerns arise.

I would like students to know that they can contribute and make their learning environment attractive to themselves and others.

All of us deserve a positive student experience!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my family: husband, children and parents. They supported me in my decision to study for PhD and moved with me to another country. Their belief inspires me. It gives me the strength to learn and overcome difficulties.

You can get in touch with Ainur via her email,, or via her Facebook page.


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