Trans Students' Officer

Trans Students’ Officer 2020/21 – Lennox Bruwer

RUSU Trans Officer 2020/21

Trans Officer
Lennox Bruwer

Hi! I'm Lennox, and I’ll be your new Trans Officer! I'm 23, nonbinary, and I use they/them pronouns! I'm South African - I grew up in Johannesburg, and my family moved to the UK in 2016. I live with my family, and I'm a commuter student, I cycle and take the train to get to uni. I have a love for fashion and bright, rainbow colours, and I love cartoons and video games!

I'm studying Art, and I'm going into my fourth year! I came to Reading for its beautiful campus, and the welcoming atmosphere, and my time here has been absolutely lovely!

Why did you run for the role?

I ran for the role of Trans Officer because I wanted to provide a safe space for trans students. The role was empty for much of last year, and I wanted that to change. I've made so many connections with lots of strong, determined people, and I hope to continue working together with everyone to make positive changes in our student community! I learned that it's important to set achievable goals as well as shooting for the stars - hopefully we can achieve both!

What experience do you bring to the role?

I came out as transgender in 2016, and I've been involved in the community since then. I've been active in the online LGBT+ community since I was sixteen, and I was part of a local transgender support group in Johannesburg, where I learned about more local trans issues. At uni, I've been involved in the LGBT+ society since my first year, both as an attendee and as committee. I know members of the local transgender community, and I believe I can do good in this role.

Fast Facts!

  • I have a huge My Little Pony collection - I currently have 50 ponies!
  • When I was 11, I started a band with my friend called the "Purple Chillers" and we wrote songs exclusively about cats.
  • I'm in a long-distance relationship with my partner who lives in Norway, and we're planning to live together after I've graduated!

You can get in touch with Lennox via their email,, or via their Facebook page.


RUSU have created student-run, peer-support networks for you. This is your opportunity to meet other students from similar backgrounds, share common experiences and receive advice and support from each other. RUSU’s Trans Students’ Officer will be running a peer-support network for trans students. You can find out when and where the next meeting is at the Student Networks page.