Women's Officer

Women’s Officer 2019/20 – Rachel Joel

RUSU Women’s Officer 2019/20 Rachel Joel

Women’s Officer
Rachel Joel

About me

I’m Rachel, a third year student studying English Literature and Politics. Living locally to Reading, I commute to University and spend my time at home reading, baking or playing “new” second-hand vinyl records. I am also hoping to carry on studying at Reading next year, this time for a PGCE in Secondary English.

Why I ran for the role

I decided to run to be RUSU’s Women’s Officer as I have always felt passionate about equal opportunities for women and this role offers the opportunity to make a real difference in this respect, at a university which I am proud to be a part of.

What inspires me

I am inspired by all of the women who I have in my life, they offer a constant source of strength and happiness.


RUSU have created student-run, peer-support networks for you. This is your opportunity to meet other students from similar backgrounds, share common experiences and receive advice and support from each other. RUSU’s Women’s Officer will be running a peer-support network for women students. You can find out when and where the next meeting is at the Student Networks page.