Student Trustees

Four Student Trustees sit on RUSU’s Trustee Board. For the academic year 2019/20 two Student Trustees have been elected in by the student body and two others have been appointed by the RUSU Appointments Committee.

Student Trustees keep office for a period of one year. The role is voluntary and is undertaken alongside their degree. A Student Trustee (if re-elected or appointed) may serve up to two consecutive terms.

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What do Student Trustees do?

Alongside the Student Officers and External Trustees, the Student Trustee role is to help make important decisions about RUSU and to guide the direction and strategy of the Union.

Trustees have responsibility for directing the affairs of RUSU with regard to the student perspective and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the students for which it has been set up.

Contact your Student Trustees

If you want to contact a Student Trustee, you can get in touch by email at If you want to contact a specific Student Trustee, please let us know.

Josh Yelland – Elected Trustee

From Lyme Regis in Dorset, by the sea, born in Bristol - westcountry through and through.

Only ever heard good things about the Uni and thought it would be good fun - two years later, having a blast!

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll... isn't necessarily the focus of a trustee. However, ensuring fellow students get the most out of their student union, and that their student union remains relevant is! Having been Treasurer of Wantage JCR this past year, I understand the need to get the most out of not very much, but I also understand the good that comes when services and support are provided well. It's not much to ask for a well-run Student Union, but having peered behind the curtains, it takes a lot to do; ensuring RUSU is well staffed is a top priority so everyone can benefit from what is a fantastic resource. I also want to see RUSU being more proactive in making a difference across campus, because when RUSU puts its' mind to it, it can achieve brilliant things. Finally, I want to see better funding for JCRs, the coalface of where RUSU meets students, ensuring these bodies can carry out their work independently of RUSU and run as many activities as they can. I hope to win your support and become a Student Trustee.

  • Strengthen the governance of RUSU further to ensure value for students
  • Push for investment in JCRs
  • Ensure further work is made by RUSU in support services

Lillie-Mae Firmin – Elected Trustee

I’ve just completed a year as RUSU’s Education Officer which involved being a member of the Trustee Board. Having this year of experience behind me will set me up for the year ahead and I’ll be able to provide continuity across 2 years of Trustee Boards.

  • I’ve never broken a bone (yet)
  • I’ve met Gavin from Gavin and Stacey
  • I’m allergic to Kiwi

Having been Education Officer for a nearly year, it’s now time for me to return to my studies and complete my degree. Through working for RUSU, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of having student representation at the highest level in order to ensure that RUSU is student-led.

I believe that my experience as a Full-Time Officer will enable me to provide an established student view on the decisions being made by Trustee Board, and be a strong and assured voice for students. Having sat on Trustee Board during the 2018/19 year, I will be able to provide continuity between changing Trustee Board members and ensure a smooth transition for a better functioning board.

Vote for me and you can be assured that I will:

  • Be a strong advocate for the student voice in all decisions made at Trustee Board
  • Provide continuity between two years of Trustee Board
  • Ensure that RUSU is student-led

Serhan Wade – Appointed Trustee

I’m a 4th year Politics and International Relations student from Leamington Spa.

  • I’m currently doing a summer internship at the Department for Transport.
  • I studied abroad in Sweden for my 3rd year of university. While there, I campaigned for a political party in the country’s general election and met the Prime Minister.
  • I stood in the 2017 local government elections at the age of 18, while I was still in Sixth Form.

Will Page – Appointed Trustee

I am originally from Reading and grew up about 30 minutes off campus. I currently study law and my main academic interests are public law, international law and immigration & asylum law.

I wanted to study at Reading as I loved the campus (and of course the all the ducks!). I am currently in my 3rd year of Law.