Student Trustees

Four Student Trustees sit on RUSU’s Trustee Board. Each academic year, two Student Trustees are elected in by the student body and two others are appointed by the RUSU Appointments Committee.

Student Trustees keep office for a period of one year. The role is voluntary and is undertaken alongside their degree. A Student Trustee (if re-elected or re-appointed) may serve up to two consecutive terms.

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What do Student Trustees do?

Alongside the Student Officers and External Trustees, the Student Trustee role is to help make important decisions about RUSU and to guide the direction and strategy of the Union.

Trustees have responsibility for directing the affairs of RUSU with regard to the student perspective and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the students for which it has been set up.

Contact your Student Trustees

If you want to contact a Student Trustee, you can get in touch by email at If you want to contact a specific Student Trustee, please let us know.

James Wilson– Elected Trustee

Sheldon Allen – Elected Trustee

Hi, I’m Sheldon, I’m 18 and my home is Greenwich, London. I have lived there all my life. I live with my mum, step-dad, little brother and 2 dogs called Rocky and Dolly. Rocky is a Yorkie and Dolly is a Chihuahua. They’re amazing but together they’re just little trouble makers! Back home, in Greenwich, I have been part of many youth lead programs. For example, I am a Young Health Assessor. On this program, I inspect local health services and identify if they are ‘young people friendly’!

Having this passion to get people heard lead me to run for this role. The RUSU Trustee Board needs a student who’s on the ground and understands you. I add that student perspective to the board and ensure we are keeping to our main aims as your Union! I want to ensure in this role that I support the Union in achieving the projects it wants to work on this year, and I also want to ensure I produce a termly update of what I’ve been up to in line with my manifesto!

Hello! I’m Sheldon, a 1st-year law student, and I’m running to be your RUSU Student Trustee. I’m a dedicated member of our university community, and I am passionate about ensuring that students are represented at all levels of the university community.

Here are 3 clear reasons for you to vote for me!


At the top of many organisations, it can be confusing and challenging to wade through all the documents, financial statements and other legal jargon. If elected, I will make my report after every trustee meeting so you will always be up to date!


This role puts me at the heart of RUSU; it’s a big responsibility. If elected, I will ensure that RUSU is effectively lead and it keeps to its core objectives!


We are so lucky to have a community of over 20K students. If you elect me, I don’t just go to the heart of RUSU, WE ALL DO! You can count on me to get YOUR VIEWS across and believe me if you want something changed, I will move heaven and earth to make it happen! I will ensure that RUSU always keeps our views in mind when representing us in the university and outside in the wider Reading community.

Make Sheldon your first choice; VOTE #Sheldon4RUSU!

Caitlin Pilkington – Appointed Trustee

Mike Phillips – Appointed Trustee