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Hi there, I'm a second year Philosophy student and I’m running to be Student Trustee. I've been a member of various societies and clubs during my time here; from Social Secretary of my halls to Executive member of our RAG committee I've found out what it's really like to get the full experience that Reading University has to offer. I want to become your Student Trustee as my extensive committee and charity experience has led up to this role and I will work to deliver the best results that will directly enhance your experience!

As a student trustee, I intend to act impartially and carefully consider the facts before any action is taken. Moreover, I hope to work with the elected union officers to help ensure that their mandates are carried out, so that all students may benefit.

I’ve found that communication and regular feedback have been the keys to all successful committees that I have partaken in. I plan to bring this key element of success to my role as RUSU’s student trustee. I’ll be working to make feedback, communication and general engagement in the direction of RUSU easily accessible and far more effective through greater promotion of our ChangeIt feature, hosting student forums in the union and creating surveys to gauge students’ opinions on real issues that affect us all. Your voice is important and your feedback is needed, if you want to have a say in the direction of RUSU you should be able to do so!

  • Oversee the current library situation whilst working towards realistic and effective solutions that benefit us all.
  • Have your say with open lines of communication with constant availability, termly student surveys and student forums.
  • Ensure the fair distribution of Reading's resources amongst all the clubs and societies.
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