Role and Responsibilities

Representing the students at the University of Reading is a primary function of RUSU. We are committed to highlighting your views and experiences, and working to ensure that you are represented not only at the University, but on a national level.

Are you interested in becoming an NUS Delegate and representing the voice of Reading students on a national level? find out more about the role below:

Main Purpose

To effectively represent University of Reading students on a national level at the NUS Annual Conference in April 2015. To raise awareness of issues for students at Reading, contribute to decisions made by NUS and vote/debate on big issues that affect students in the UK.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Attend NUS Delegate training
  • Engage in debate and discussion at the NUS National Conference
  • Represent the University of Reading and RUSU at the NUS National Conference 2015
  • Vote in motions in line with RUSU policy where required
  • Vote in motions in line with your own views where RUSU policy doesn’t set a precedent 

Benefits & Recognition

  • Gain leadership and teamwork skills
  • Conference expenses covered
  • The opportunity to influence change to the benefit of students in the UK and at University of Reading
  • Gain useful knowledge of campaigning and campaign planning
  • Great CV builder
  • Chance to become more involved in RUSU and student politics on a national level
  • NUS Delegate training and attendance can count towards your Red Award
  • A fun weekend away in Liverpool with the chance to meet and network with students from all over the UK