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R. U. hacking - 2019 Committee Elections

In order to nominate yourself for a committee role you must be a standard student member of the associated club or society; associate and visiting members cannot run for election. Current committee members may stand for re-election, as long as you will be returning as a student in the 2019/20 academic period. Constitutionally, you are only able to hold one committee position per club/society. You may run for multiple positions within a club/society but if you are to receive the most votes for multiple posts, the previous Committee President will make the decision as to which role you will be appointed into. Candidates may criticise another candidate’s campaign, but never anything personal. You and your supporters must not reference another candidate’s personal traits of character; misrepresent another candidate’s religious, political, or other views or actions; or intimidate any participant in the election, including voters, candidates and staff By nominating yourself for committee, you are agreeing to attend any necessary meetings with RUSU and Student Activities. This may include, but is not limited to: An initial committee training and development meeting in Term 3, 2019; Activity Group Meetings throughout the year, and Welfare Training

4 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 10:00 on Monday 25 February 2019 (in 3 days and 9 hours)

The polls open at 10:00 on Monday 11 March 2019 (in 2 weeks and 3 days)

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Who are we?

R. U. Hacking? is a society run by and for students who seek to get more involved in the tech industry with a heavy focus on professional networking. The society aims to organise events and Hackathons throughout the year that enable students to interact with industry professionals from both inside and outside the University. These Hackathons allow students to create their own projects and develop their skills in the field, be it learning new programming languages, or simply gaining knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.


Hackathons are events where people from multiple discliplines can team up to create a quick and demonstrable version of their project. The teams compete to see which project will be deemed the best by experts in the industry and can win prizes! Hackathons are often themed around a certrain topic, but can often be freeform! Our society aims to provide some mini-hacks and similar events throughout the year with our big 24-hour hackathon being held in February.

Building from our Hackathon last year, we're aiming to put our Alumni prize award towards equipping our hardware lab for Hackathon attendees to make use of. Some of the hardware will include low-power microcontrollers and potentially some Virtual Reality equipment! Last year's event had some very solid entries, to the point where it was difficult to choose the overall best, so definitely come down and make something you can boast about on your CV!

Why should you join?

R. U. Hacking? works hard to provide our members with strong links to local industry leaders, that's why we actively seek industry partners to come and provide talks and workshops at our events. This offers an excellent platform for our students to create ties with businesses while at University and get a good foothold for when looking for placements.

Some of current industry partners include:

  • Google Developer Group Reading & Thames Valley
    • Community for developers interested in Google technologies.
    • Their regular tech meetups are open for our students to attend.
    • Come along for free pizza and a welcoming networking environment!
  • Reading Busses
    • Bus operator serving Berkshire with keenness in innovation.
    • Our society members have easy access to their Innovation Centre and Open Data set.
    • Keep an eye out for their taster event in Welcome Week!
  • Innovation Catalyst in Thames Valley Science Park
    • Partnership between VitalSix, TVSP, HBS and Barclay's Eagle Labs.
    • Their coworking space is welcoming to students through the Henley Incubator.
    • Come along for their talks on how to build your own business!
  • Think Engineer
    • IoT prototyping consultant, started up by Reading graduates.
    • Generously provide Arduino and IoT workshops for our events.
    • Check their workshops out at our events!
  • Sage People
    • Cloud-based people accounting, financials and enterprise management.
    • They were one of the main sponsors for our 2017 Hackathon.
    • Come have a chat with their team at our events!
  • Clarkslegal
  • Austin Fraser
  • ForburyTECH
  • British Computer Society
  • GitHub

Throughout the year we aim to run a series of hackathons and events that will give people the chance to work alongside all types of different people and companies to code and program their own projects or learn languages and new technologies. These events will be open to everyone for an entry fee, however they will be completely free if you're a member of our society!

How do you join?

This society is open to students from any background, not just for Computer Science or Engineering students. Our justification is that most Hackathon projects require someone to actually brand and market it - what's the point in making a product if you can't pitch it to someone? You don't need a background in programming to join, so if you're interested or just want to learn more about what the local industry is up to, then please sign up!

If you're interested or want to learn more about what we'll be doing then please sign up!


  • R. U. Hacking? Student Membership£5.15
  • R. U. Hacking? Associate Membership£10.15
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