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Welcome to the University of Reading Real Ale Society!

Society description:

We are a friendly, inclusive group containing a healthy mixture of interesting people from all walks of life. Whatever our individual differences, we all share one thing in common - we all enjoy a good pint of real ale! (or cider, wine, or any other fine beverage for that matter!)


At The Retreat during our Freshers Week pub crawl

Did you know that real ale comes in a staggering array of types and flavours? It ranges from dark, chocolate stouts to crisp, fruity pale ales, with everything under the sun in between. Of course, everyone has their tastes, just like with food- the same can be said for real ale. There is no right or wrong answer to what is best, it is all about what you, the drinker, thinks. 

Contrary to popular belief, appreciation of real ale does not come along with the caricatured snobbery that people associate with 'tasting drinks' - it just isn't that sort of game anymore. There are some of us that know a lot about it, some who are starting out and learning more, and some who are not too bothered. The best thing is, it really doesn't matter.

One of our crowning achievements in recent years is the birth of our partnership with a local brewery, 'Sherfield Village Brewery'. Here you will have the opportunity to travel there and help brew a beer, full scale! We sold it on campus (non-profit to us) in Park House. Our first launch of the society beer, 'Extra Curricular' in 2014, made such a splash that we ended up on BBC news!

Real Ale exists primarily for enjoyment. We'd love for you to join us for regular visits to pubs, breweries, and beer festivals, as well as home brewing events and things like film nights, quizzes and bar games tournaments.

We look forward to seeing you!

Martin, Robin, Charlie and Ed. (Real Ale Society Committee 2017/18)

Membership costs:

Student membership; £5

Non-student membership; £10

Event information:

 The majority of our events are organised through Facebook, so please take a look at our page to see what is going on:

Also follow us on twitter for updates on our location during pub crawls:


  • Real Ale Student membership£5.15
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