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Museo, a Latin word for museum or a fun new society for Reading University? Both! MUSEO is a society in its first year hoping to fill a gap in the society market for students who love to delve into history and culture. MUSEO encompasses the three disciplines of the program-museums, archaeology and classics which we will explore with expeditions to sites and museums, talks, workshops and fun historical shindigs. All are welcome to come along and have a rollicking good time exploring history.

Some of the day trips we are planning this year will be to London and Oxford to explore amazing historical places and museums. We will also be running a series of hands-on sessions to get in touch with the past to learn more about history. We know that Uni can be scary so during Fresher’s Week, we are going to run a taster session to break the ice and allow you to meet some like-minded people. The taster will include fun, food, and games as well as discussing the aims and plans of the society for the year. We will also be going on our first society trip during the Fresher’s Week, visiting one of Reading’s incredible museums and providing another chance to meet new people. There will also be more social style events run throughout the year allowing some historically themed fun, including Archaeologists Who Are Bad at Thier Job Movie Nights. There are four committee members in the society and many others who help with the running and events. We are all second years in a range of disciplines from Archaeology, Classics and Museum Studies and are willing to help with any queries or issues you have. Whilst the society fits particularly well with the Museum Studies degree we welcome all students to join including those from across the globe to learn about the history of their new home. Our President is from the United States and understands that urge to go out and see the sights and to be extremely excited by castles. So, if you have in interest in culture and want to explore more whilst at Uni come and join us!


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  • Give It A Go Trip - Temple of Mithras and The British Museum Sun 4 Feb 2018 - MUSEO Members - Trip£20.15
  • Give It A Go Trip - Temple of Mithras and The British Museum Sun 4 Feb 2018 - MUSEO Non/New Member£25.15
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  • Oxford Trip Itinerary

    This is the itinerary for our trip to oxford on the 1/10/17 which you can sign up for via:

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