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The society is here to welcome Classics and non-Classics students to share their passion for the ancient world with people who hold the same interest. Last year went well with our popular movie nights and pizza parties; however, this year is going to be bigger and better with the help of the brilliant committee and our members. This year there will be more movie nights where you can vote on which classical film you want to watch, toga parties, trips, our traditional Ides of March Spring Formal and of course more pizza.


Everyone is welcome so don’t miss out and make sure you sign up!




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2017/2018 PR & Fundraiser and 2017/2018 Treasurer                                              Drinks Table!



            2017/2018 President and 2016/2017 President           2016/2017 Social Secretary and 2017/2018 Social Secretary



                                Kyall and Jemma March 2018                                Beca, Jake and Jess March 2018



2017/2018 President and 2017/2018 Secretary       2017/2018 Social Secretaries and Georgie                      Angelli and Lucia       



                                        After Party!




            2017/2018 Committee


Also, a very special thank you to the Social Secretaries Katy Davey and Elena, and also Formal-Goer Jessi Vann for organising and helping out with the after party; everyone had a wondrful time. Thank you to Vice-President Imi Snell who unfortunately could not attend but still gave 110% in the marketing of the event and is responsible for the fabulous poster and ticket designs. Thank you Revolución De Cuba for the wonderful venue, music, food and drinks. We all enjoyed it! Thank you to Angelli Badillo, Freya O'Dea, Lucia Pitsillides and Ron Hansen for agreeing to run for the 2018/2019 Classics Society Committee. And of course...


Thank You Everyone for Coming!



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  • Holds meetings, writes the agenda and sets a regular scheduled meeting for each week
  • Plans the events
  • Leads the committee


  • Reports the amount of money the society has in the RUSU account and communicates this to the President and Vice-President
  • Reimburses committee members on any money spent on the society


  • Makes sure the events and society are inclusive and respectful
  • Act as a go to person if there are any social issues
  • They do not deal with the situation alone but have to respond to a different organisation such as the RUSU welfare officer, that person's personal tutor or whomever is appropriate in that situation.


  • Admin such as the social media pages (Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram account, snapchat account) and email for the newsletters
  • Writes down the meeting minutes and posts them on the private Facebook group


Media Pages

Instagram - Follow us @ruclassicssociety

Facebook – - This page provides students with the opportunity to communicate and interact with lecturers and other students. Lecturers and students often post job opportunities, news articles and recent discoveries on this page.

Email – - If you have any issues or queries and wish to contact the committee more privately you can do so here.


The Committee


President – Rebeca Bird-Lima

Hi everyone! My name is Beca and you may know me as last year’s PR and Fundraiser, or that person who goes around dressed as a centurion; I am, however, the 2017/18 president and would like to welcome you to the Classics Society. Last year was really fun and I enjoyed the events we put on and this year with your contribution, we can make it even better! The committee and I are planning more regular meet ups, including movie nights at Ice House and more quizzes as well as a trip. Message me if you have any suggestions or need any help or information about the society and I can’t wait to meet you at the next social!

Vice President – Imi Snell

Hi my name is Imi and I'm your Vice President for this year. As an English Lit student, I joined the society last year whilst taking a Classics module and never looked back! This is my second year on the committee and we are really looking forward to bringing you some new socials and events (incl. trips!) and can't wait for you to join us!

Social Secretary I – Katy Davey

I'm Katy, a second year ancient history student and one of your social secs for this year! I'm really excited about all the fun socials we will have this year and seeing the society grow!

Social Secretary II – Elena Coen

Hi I'm Elena, this year’s social secretary with Katy! I'm in Second year studying Ancient History. Our aim for this year is to make it one of the best the society has seen yet, organising toga parties, pub crawls and also some film nights! It's a great way to get to know people with similar interests; we hope to see you all at our socials!

Secretary – Jake O'Hare

Hello! I’m Jake and I will be your Secretary for this year. I have loved the Classics Society since I started at the university. Their social events have been so much fun and it is useful to have other students to discuss uni work with. It’s a wonderful society with a really dedicated team, and I look forward to meeting anyone joining it.

Treasurer – Esmee Murray

I have always loved history, especially ancient history. The classics society was a great way to meet people who were just as interested as I was. It is the people who make the society so enjoyable.

Welfare – Molly Durkin

Hiya, I’m Molly and I’m this year’s Welfare Officer. I’m a third year Classical Studies student, I joined the society late last year and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it so far! Because life at uni can be a bit tough, I’m on hand to help with any issues you might have – just drop me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out. I hope everyone who joins has a wonderful time.


PR and Fundraiser - Tammy Roew-Hellewell

Salutations, I’m Tammy and I’m a third year Ancient History student. I have the pleasure of being the PR & Fundraiser for the Classics Society for 2017/18. I became better involved with the society last year, and it has been great to spend time with my classmates in such a lovely social setting. I hope everyone who joins the society this year loves it just as much as we on the committee do!


Pizza, Movies, Togas and Formals



                                               Freshers' 2017                                            Freshers' 2017                                                          





           Pawseus the Barbearian - Our Mascot!                              The Mummy Movie Night at Ice House 2017



                                                     Shopping for Christmas Snacks 2017                                         Toga Party 2017



                                             Book Sale 2017            Halloween Pub Crawl 2017                            Welcome Week 2017


  • Classics student membership£5.15
  • Classics Non-Student Membership£10.15
  • Classics Returner Membership£3.15
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PR & Fundraising

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