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We hold regular sessions every Thursday at 6pm - Palmer 103 - 104

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Who we are?

We are Reading University's award-winning society dedicated to both improving and giving confidence to students in public speaking
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The Society is dedicated to free speech and the expression of ideas. We are continually amazed by the different views that people hold and support, and having the opportunity to hear them in a constructive arena really is an excellent opportunity. 
Once you join the society, you will be able to enjoy our numerous activities and weekly debates! (you can read more about the activities we hold below). 

If you have any questions about the society, please contact us at:, or Facebook!

Your Committee for 2017/2018

Your committee for the 2017-2018 academic year are:
President: Katherine Long
Vice President: Hayley Ryall
Treasurer: Nameer Rehan
Secretary: Daiana Serban
Social Secretary & Welfare Rep: Amelia Harper

You can join the society at any point during the year and we always welcome new members!

10 reasons to debate: 

1. We encourage public speaking skills and boost confidence!

2. We meet up every week, anyone can suggest any motion (topic) to debate on and voice their opinion!

After a vote, we chose the most popular one and debate! So, if you're an enthusiast of pretty much anything, then come along, suggest a motion and voice your opinion!

3. We participate and fund our members' participation in prestigious competitions across the UK from the London Inner Temple to our very own Reading Open!

You/your team can pick any competition at any University/place in the UK, travel expenses and participation fees are on us!

4. We invite guest-speakers and debating champions to give us workshops

This is probably the best way to learn something new and develop skills, such as argument-building and analysis, great for your essays too!

5. Debate Society will also help you broaden your outlook and develop your knowledge of global issues!

We have many collaboration sessions with other societies and discuss many important issues. Last year we collaborated with Amnesty International, Fairtrade, LGBT+, Feminism Society and Teach First. 

6. We make sure that debating is FUN by holding regular fantastic socials!

In addition to our regular drinks  in Park House or Park Bar on campus after every meeting, we also take people to restaurants, karaoke, clubs, bowling, paintballing, you name it!

7. If you enjoy things like conferences and public events - we also take part in many!


8. Debating is a perfect setting to socialise, network and meet new people!

You can meet loads of interesting and smart people from different departments and years at Reading or go to competitions to meet people from the Universities all over the world!


9. We do fantastic themed debates with super-fun motions, provide drinks and snacks. 

For example, this Christmas we were debating whether we should ban Santa Clause. 

10. If these arguments are not convincing enough for you, Debating will simply look great on your CV!!!



Come along!

Every Thursday evening at 6 pm, Palmer Building 

Rooms announced every week on Facebook!



  • Debate Society Student Membership£10.15
  • Debate Society Non-Student Membership£15.15
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