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  Firstly, those of you that just got your A-level results, congratulations on finishing them and getting into Reading university!

   Who we are and what we do:

  • We are a student run organisation of maths students and we provide a friendly environment for all our members.
  • We help encourage members to meet people on their course both socially and academically.
  • We provide a variety of socials in which students from all years can get to know each other.
  • We have lots of different socials planned, including non-drinking events. More details below!

   If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know our Facebook group chat or our society email account :)

Social Media



Become a part of our community by keeping up to date with us on social media!

All events and networking opportunities will be posted via Facebook and snapchat. Photos and videos of events will also be on our snapchat story and our instagram page!


If you are looking to get the most out of your university experience, then be sure to join rumss for the upcoming year!

This year we have introduced a £5 membership fee, this small amount will help contribute to throwing better socials and will be put back into the society!

We encourage everyone to join officially so that you are able to take full advantage of what the society has to offer. This year we aim improve rumss over previous years - we hope you join us and help the society grow!

Simply log in with your student RUSU account and click 'add to basket' on the right hand side of the page. 


About the committee

Upcoming Events


We're a fun loving group of friends that are looking to give the society a new spark. 4 of the 6 of us are currently living together so you can count on us to be prepared and proactive in making this the best iteration of maths and stats society yet!


Your committee members for 2018/19 are:

President - Kurtis Buck
Secretary - Lucy Coleman
Social Sec - Katie Ruggles and Thomos Soloman
Treasurer - Bailey Healey
Welfare Officer - Sam Pringle


Here's a look at some events we have planned for the upcoming year!

  • White T-shirt and free pizza icebreaker - 10th October, 8pm - A gathering of mostly freshers to get to know each other and bond over our mutual love of pizza!
  • The Subway Party - October 15th - Our first night out of the academic year! Head on down to Pop World with us and enjoy some subway included in entry to the club!
  • 'M' themed social - Dress up as someone or something with a name beginning with M!
  • ABC - Anything but cups - We will be throwing a house/garden party. There's one rule - no drinking from a cup!
  • Battle of the Sciences - A battle between the 7 sciences. Last years winner was Chemistry, this year it's ours!
  • Football tournament - Each commitee member will be a team captain!
  • Casual nights at park bar - We will post on social media when the group of us are going to be going to park bar for some drinks and to play some pool. 

We were also thinking of a trampoline park social but this is yet to be confirmed.

If you have any suggestions then let us know by the Facebook group or by emailing us (sidebar on the left)!       

Here's a look at a select few socials of previous years!





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