Student Mediation Service (SMS)

Find yourself in constant arguments and anguish with your flatmates over dirty dishes, a messy kitchen or "borrowed"/unwashed utensils. Feeling excluded in your own flat? Too many unwanted guests, loud music, broken glasses too often. Or, perhaps, food being stolen or communal areas/appliances being damaged. 

Then, the Student Mediation Service may be for you. 

What is the Student Mediation Service?

The Student Mediation Service is a new initiative where Law students, trained by Resolve, can offer mediation in a neutral, calm and positive way for all parties concerned.

Resolve is an independent charity consisting of a team of mediators who work across the whole of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, as well as four staff members based in Reading. SMS is supervised by Resolve.

The trained Law students undertake a comprehensive training programme prior to completing any mediation work.
They are competent in facilitating the whole mediation process.

Why Mediation?

Mediation is an effective means of dispute resolution; it provides a forum for discussion with a fair and neutral platform for issues to be solved by the conflicting parties.

Mediation works on the grounds of:

  • Neutrality & Fairness - the mediator does not take sides.
  • Respect - both parties conduct themselves appropiately.
  • Confidentiality - all discussions are kept private and are not recorded.

It provides a cost-free and safe environment whereby parties determine the outcome of the situation, through the guidance of a well-trained mediator. It saves an time, as mediation is handled quickly and effectively, to help parties solve their disputes effeciently.

How to access the service?


If you feel that the Student Mediation Service (SMS) is right for you then email us directly. Hope to hear from you soon.


Contact the Student Mediation Service on:


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