If you want to try a fast-paced, energetic combat sport, that requires precision, speed, power and agility, join our club. Also join if you want a good, active social group and enjoy cheap and cheerful trips abroad!

Reading University Fencing Club welcomes both experienced fencers and complete beginners alike.  We are a friendly, social club and members are free to be as competitive or non-competitive in the sport as they wish.



Fencing is a sport based on swordplay, and is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.  The sport is very accessible to people of various levels of fitness and ability; it can be one of the most exhausting activities imaginable, or it can be a more tactical challenge, depending on your style of fencing.  The sport is also available to wheelchair users; in fact there is an entire aspect to fencing devoted to playing from a wheelchair, which proves most challenging.

Fencing is divided into three sub-sports, determined by the type of sword used to fight with; each sword has its own set of rules, and challenges.  There is the foil, the sabre and the epée, and of course there exists a healthy rivalry between the disciples of each discipline.


We offer, in the Autumn term, an 11 week beginners’ course, aimed to bring new fencers with little or no previous experience to a level of proficiency and competence at the sport.  This course will adequately prepare the fencer to enter any of the many competitions we participate in as a club.

Experienced Fencers

If you have previous experience as a fencer, we encourage you to make yourselves known to the other fencers, and not to hold back on your challenges; they shall be graciously accepted!


The club trains once a week for two hours.  We hope to establish a second day of training during the 2014/5 academic year. Please see the bottom of this page for the training times. All beginners equipment and coaching is provided though we encourage those with their own kit to bring it along to sessions.


The club organises various social events throughout the terms, including nights out, barbeques, parties, days out rowing, or playing Laser Quest, formal dinners, trips abroad, and weekly visits to the pub after training.  You are all encouraged to join in with the social aspects of the club.


The club fields both a men’s and women’s team for the BUCS league, to compete against other universities.  The captains of the teams are in charge of selection, and they will comprise their teams on the merits of a person’s fencing ability; if you wish to be a part of either of the teams, please make your interest known to the relevant captain. 


The club attends many competitions throughout the year, and encourages members to enter.  The two big events of the year are the International University Fencing Events in Paris and in London, trips which are great value for money, very well organised, incredibly social, and extraordinarily fun.  You are guaranteed to make friends from all across the continent at these events.


Training Times

Monday 19:45 - 21:45 

@ Sportspark



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  • Fencing Non-Student Membership£75.15

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  • Fencing Kit 2£157.08
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