The Muscle and Athletic Sports Society


Whether you are complete newbie or an experienced and veteran gym goer, we want YOU!

Whether it be losing weight/bodyfat, getting into better shape, building muscle size and definition, building strength, improving cardiovascular and athletic performance, attending competitions at a regional, national and international levels, improving at your chosen sport, wanting to meet like-minded, friendly people or wanting to get more committed to the gym and fitness...whatever your goals, we can help.

We at MASS Reading run many events throughout the academic year. Group lifting sessions, "HIIT"/cardio sessions, beginner sessions, technique analysis, benchmarking sessions, nutritional support, plans and coaching, seminars and guest speakers, the infamous MASS socials, trips to conventions and expos, MASS university competitions, MASS Tour as well as the occasional restaurant trip to name just a few. 

MASS is a great way to make new friends at university and and even better way to help improve your health and well-being throughout the year. If you've always wanted to get into competing MASS is a great starting point for powerlifting, strongman, crossfit & bodybuilding! For anyone looking to get into the fitness industry it is an excellent way to form new contacts and can really take your passion to the next level. Not only this but being a member of the society even helps to boost your CV when speaking about interests as it shows employers you are a healthy, determined, hard-working and committed individual.

Girls and guys of all ages, students, non-students and staff members from any experience level welcome.

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You can find the MASS stall at the Sports Fayre on Thursday, the 21st of September 2017. Come and meet the committee, check out what we have lined up for this year, sign up for MASS & get your hands on some free samples!



Introduction and Casual Training Taster Session - Saturday 23rd of September 2017 @ 2 pm

  • Where? - On the field outside Sportspark

HIIT Circuit Taster Session - Wednesday 27 September 2017 @ 2 pm

  • Where? - On the field outside Sportspark
  • What is it? - A circuit combining a variety of strength exercises with HIIT Cardio for a great full body workout! Make sure to wear gym clothes and trainers.



The theme is TBD depending on what you guys are looking for in a social!

  • When? - TBA - Beginning of October
  • Where? TBD



A way to socialise and make tasty, macro friendly treats together!

  • When? TBA
  • Where? TBA



Whether you are a fitness guru or a complete newbie, come along to one of our benchmarking sessions to test out your major lifts (squat, benchpress and deadlift) and set up your starting point for this year at University or come to set some overall fitness goals you would like to achieve this year (Weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, etc...). The committee will be on hand to help with form improvements and advice on reaching your goals. We will be running these sessions at the start of each term so get the first one in and track how much progress you can make this year! 

  • Where? - SportsPark
  • When? TBD



This year we will be offering bi-weekly training sessions in one of the sportspark venues - the exact venue is yet to be determined. If you are not a member at Sportspark you will have to pay a one time fee of £5 to have access to this sportspark venue but that coveres you for the year and is just a maintenance fee, you do not need to have a membership to sportspark to come to these!!

These sessions will consist of a variety of circuit workouts that can be done at any skill level, as well as the occasional guest speaker on nutrition, fitness, lifting, ect.

The exact time and venue for these sessions will be determined when RUSU activities allocates space and time to all of the societies on campus so we will post here and on our social media pages when we have a definite time and place for everyone to meet.

Some of the seminars to look forward to include nutrition planning, major lift form improvements, posing for physique competitions, and many more.... Keep your eyes out for out first seminar announcement!


In addition to our regular training sessions and events we take part alongside with all other MASS societies at an interuniversity level up and down the country in THE MASS GAMES. Fancy giving yourself a goal to reach? Think you are up for the challenge? Great for both complete beginners as well as veteran lifters. Give it a go, you may be surprised how well you can do! 

Events consist of:

  • MASS Powerlifting Championships
  • MASS Strongman
  • MASS Student Throwdown
  • MASS SPC - Student Physique Competition

Reading had a successful year competing in the MASS Games in 2015/16. We placed 4th in the country and MASS President Rosie Howard won Female Athlete of the Year. 

The MASS Reading team also took home the award for the team with the best sportsmanship from the 2016 MASS Student Physique Competition.


While having events in the calendar is great, on a day to day basis, the benefits to be had from joining MASS are huge. We hold regular training sessions with our members to add a fun, social element to training, as well as to keep updates with everyone's plans, goals and training. This adds a strong social framework to your training that adds accountability and consistency, meaning you are far more likely to reach your goals than if you were to try and navigate student life without a group of likeminded people in your corner. We have discounts available from MuscleFood, USN, Protein Dynamix, Pro-10, Frontline Fitness Apparel, Coconoil & Branded Ego Apparel.


  • MASS Student Membership£15.15
  • MASS Non-Student Membership£20.15
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