Aikido is a fascinating traditional Japanese martial art; it is a means of self-defence that focuses on the use of an attacker's strength, momentum and aggression against themselves. Aikido's techniques originate from the throws and joint locks of jujitsu, and from sword and staff techniques, which optimise the body's movement to obtain maximum efficiency and power.

Aikido is a martial art that does not rely on the practitioner being stronger, fitter or faster than an attacker. Emphasis is placed on absorbing and redirecting an attack, in order to deal with an opponent's attack without causing unnecessary harm,  rather than blocking or parrying. 

By training in Aikido we learn to deal with a wide range of realistic physical attacks and develop fitness, suppleness, good posture and co-ordination through practice. Aikido also develops physical relaxation, mental calmness and awareness in order to be able to respond freely to what occurs. Regular training in aikido helps practitioners to become centred and grounded and better able to deal with the stresses of daily life.

Training Times

Monday 8-10pm @ London Road Campus Gym

Students can also practice at the White Oak Aikido Club (for more details see

First Session Free

This will give you a chance to give Aikido a go and see if it is right for you. Just wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in such as a t-shirt and track suit trousers.






  • Aikido Student Membership£40.15
  • Aikido Non-Student Membership£50.15
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