Netball - 2019 Committee Elections

Committee Elections for Netball 2019-20. These committee roles will run between March 2019 – until the third term 2020.

6 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 10:00 on Monday 25 February 2019 (in 2 days and 12 hours)

The polls open at 10:00 on Monday 11 March 2019 (in 16 days)

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Reading University Netball Club (RUNC) is one of the biggest and best women’s sports clubs at Reading!

This year all 3 of our teams topped our BUCS leagues therefore all teams have been promoted and this year we hope to repeat their success! We also have social teams, for those who prefer less competitive netball or wish to find a new sport whilst at uni and stay fit!

(BUCS represent all university across the country who take part in sports)


1st Team = South Eastern Division 2a


Our 1st team dominated their first few matches, gaining great goal differences. They maintained a high position in their tables and were a force to be reckoned with. The squad progressed throughout the year with each individual player improving greatly and everyone efforts being recognised by supports and coaches.

Despite a series of devastating injuries the 1st team performed consistently to achieve an almost completely unbeaten season only losing one match. They came out triumphantly at the top of their league and this year will head into the 2nd division!

This promotion incinuates a hard year ahead however through the same hard work shown this year and the strong team bonds the 1st team are ready for the season ahead!


2nd Team = South Eastern Division 3a


This year the 2nds had an extremely strong year also finishing top of their league tables. Their versatile ability allowed for them to move players throughout the court and their hard work and perseverance led to many brilliant wins home and away.

Their dedication to training and matches shone through within their games. A couple of minor hurdles throughout the season were batted off leading towards a final climatic match against Chichester 3rds to take the top position. The 2nds fought hard in an extremely tight match and claimed their win.

With their confidence and success from last year, the girls are ready to come back fighting this year and aim for another promotion in their league.


3rd Team = South Eastern Division 6a


The 3rds came together to be an exceptionally strong team within their league, ALSO coming out on top, a brilliant accomplishment reflecting some great play within the team.

During some of their toughest matches, the determination within players, and as a team as whole enabled them to dominate the game and come back fighting. Our thirds achieved an expectional goal difference of 212 this year placing them miles ahead of any other teams in their league!

With their confidence and abilities thriving, the thirds are set for an equally great, if not better, season in 2018/19!


Each team is entered into the BUCS cup which features meeting opponents from many different leagues and regions and can be a great test of the team's strength and ability and we are looking for more passionate netballers to join our teams this year.


Club and Training

We are a hard-working club with that all-important competitive edge and a drive to win. Focus and determination are key elements throughout our training sessions which occur twice a week. Sessions are designed for players to be put through their paces which ultimately allows us to come out on top!

Our training times for next year are:

BUCS players - Mon. 5.45pm-7.45pm and Thu. 6.15pm -7.45pm - indoor courts (with our coach Fiona Stewart from Woodley Netball Club)

That being said...

We love to PARTY hard too. There are MANY socials throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to show off your most outrageous fancy dress, varying from Toybox to Wizard of Oz themes!

Our annual Varsity and mixed netball tournaments are always a highlight of the social calendar, combining our two favourite activities! There is also the opportunity to go on "tour" to either Salou or Croatia during the Easter holidays, just go to and you'll find out what a great experience it is! Tour is always popular with the netball girls with a great turn out signing up! It’s been known to be like a girls’ holiday whilst playing some netball against other universities!

If you are keen in joining in all the fun but maybe aren't able to commit fully to the training sessions we also welcome SOCIAL PLAYERS.

Being a social player involves social training on a Sunday 5.00pm- 7.00pm run by our BUCS girls on the outdoor tennis courts, which gives you a chance to keep up your fitness, make loads of new friends and most importantly be a part of all our crazy events and socials!


Membership for BUCS players = £80

Membership for social players for the year = £40

Membership is required by all BUCS, (1st, 2nd and 3rd team players) to play in any matches and therefore is purchased at the start of the season once teams have been finalized in September/October time.

You can purchase the membership online with the links at the right-hand side of this page. (Paying memberships online will require a 15p transaction fee) Any problems or questions with regards to membership, feel free to contact our Treasurer of RUNC, Hattie Pargiter.

Upcoming dates

TRIALS = Trials for our BUCS teams will be Sunday 30th September 2018 5 - 7pm. On the outdoor tennis courts behind the hockey pitches.

Call backs will be announced following the 1st trials so be sure to attend!

They are open to anyone and everyone to come along, meet all the current RUNC players and get involved in some drills and matches. All levels are available and even if you’d rather not trial, come down meet the girls and support your friends!

Still Uncertain??

Any concerns or questions you may have, please get in contact with our netball email, or any of our listed committee members; we're all happy and eager to help!

And most importantly, we will be at Freshers Fair on Thursday 27th September, during Freshers Week, so come and see us and make yourselves known or ask any questions!!

 We'll be the ones running around in black and red dresses. We look forward to meeting you :D !!

Until then, be sure to join our Facebook group ‘Reading University Netball Club 2018/2019’ to keep updated with the latest news and events!




RUNC Committee 2018/19

President: Meg Watkinson

Vice President: Jess Samways

Secretary: Millie Nye

Treasurer: Hannah Rogers

Social Secs: Lauren Keward, Ruby Morris and Abba Atkin

Kit Rep: Rosie Hennessy

Welfare Rep: Ellie Morris



  • Netball Social Student Membership£40.15
  • Netball BUCS team membership£80.15
  • Netball Non Student Membership£90.15

Products/ Tickets:

  • Netball - Mizuno Pro Tee£21.63
  • Netball - Mizuno Pro Hoodie£41.96
  • Netball - Mizuno Skinny Track Pant£20.71
  • Netball - Mizuno Holdall£19.78
  • Netball - Mizuno Pro Netball Dress£41.74
  • Netball - Varsity Participant Entry£10.00
  • Netball - Varsity Spectator Entry£12.00
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