Judo - 2019 Committee Elections

Committee Elections for Judo 2019-20. These committee roles will run between March 2019 – until the third term 2020.

4 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 10:00 on Monday 25 February 2019 (in 5 days and 20 hours)

The polls open at 10:00 on Monday 11 March 2019 (in 19 days)

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Welcome to the University of Reading Judo club. RUJC is well established within the University, offering the chance for beginners as well as more experienced Judoka to practice the sport as part of our regular sessions.

We attend a mixture of competitions such as BUCS and local tournaments. Each week we do standing and ground work as part of randori or “sparring”. However if you do not wish to compete or don't feel up to it, for injury or other reason, please come down and do as much as you fancy. If you just want to watch or be part of the socials you can do that too! Judo is the only competitive martial art at the university and the only martial art at the university to be in the Olympic Games.

As a self-defence form it is extremely applicable as it teaches you to deal with a resisting opponent — if it works against a trained sportsperson, it will work against someone untrained in the street. Don't worry about being too small or too weak, judo is split into weight classes and sexes so you will never be against someone much stronger or bigger than you. Moreover judo also works on people much larger than you too as we saw a man of '6,1" pick himself up after being thrown completely, to lose his training match, by a slim '5,3" girl, without a black or brown belt, in only twenty seconds!

Judo is a great sport for fitness and exercise; it can be relaxed and gentle or energetic and challenging. The sport itself when sparring is full contact involving throws, arm locks, pins and strangles, but no punching or kicking. Everyone has a chance to grade and earn belts including the symbolic black belt.

The club has great connections to Iinkai Judo Club, a club awarded its Clubmark Gold Award recognised by UK Sport and Sport England as a club operating to the highest standards. Reading University Judo Club also has outlets to do community work as part of the RED award programme and in the past, members have been able to obtain a month's paid work in the holidays  through the club's head coach.

If you decide to attend judo regularly you will find a significant improvement to your fitness, strength and confidence. In addition you will also make some new friends, go on great socials and learn some applicable self-defence. 


Training times:

Wednesday 19:00-21:00 London Road campus

Sundays 19:00-21:00 Sportspark Dance/Martial arts Studio


All are welcome to train regardless of size, ability, experience or injury!


For more information regarding the club please visit our Facebook page or contact a member of the committee.


Email: readingjudo@hotmail.co.uk


Jess scores againsts Maya in randori (sparring)


Scott Midgley drilling his one arm shoulder throw


Robert Rowatt grappling for position against Dan in randori (sparring)


Scott Midgley loses by a big score against Jess


Maya scores back against Jess in randori (sparring) with the iconic tomo nage


Shalkar Baikulakov (former coach and member) works gripping stragies with Ben William 


Jess and Maya grappling in an attempt to gain a pin or a submission (a choke, stangle or lock) 


Tom Haynes (Assistant Head Coach) maintains his grip and posture as Warren Cheng (coach) steps in to throw




  • Judo membership (Student)£95.15
  • Judo membership (Non Student)£110.15
  • Judo Termly Membership£50.15

Products/ Tickets:

  • Judo Session Fee£5.15
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