Event Registration

This is what you need to know about event registration and the procedures behind it:

Event approval

If you are holding a large event on campus, inviting members of the public or doing anything outside, you will be required to submit an event notification via Student Activities. These are strictly required to be submitted 28 days in advance of the event along with a Risk Assessment.

Guest speakers may also require an event notification to be submitted. Please email student.activities@rusu.co.uk with your event and we shall let you know if you need to go through any of these processes.


The University requires that you submit an Event Notification through Student Activities if you are holding a BBQ on Campus. They will also require anyone cooking to have Level 2 Food and Hygiene Certificate, and anyone serving food a Level 1.

BBQs are required to be situated near to toilets and hand washing facilities.

See the university's full guidelines on BBQs for more information.

Guest speaker

You are required to notify Student Activities of guests that you are inviting onto campus for talks and events. We can then let you know if we need to submit an event notification or not.

Book a Stall within RUSU

Visit RUSU reception to find our availability and make your booking.

Online ticket sales

All student groups are able to use the online ticket sales option on their RUSU page. This is something that will need to be set up by a member of Student Activities.

If you would like your tickets to appear under the membership, email student.activities@rusu.co.uk to let us know the when you would like them on and off sale, their price and how many are for sale.

If you would like to attach tickets to a pre-made event page on the website, please additionally send us the link for the page you have created. If you set them up on an event page, there is also the option of adding email receipt text. Send this to us if you would like it included.

You can check your ticket sales in the admin panel of the RUSU website as follows;

  1. Click Sales Reports
  2. Select a date from before the tickets went on sale
  3. Click Purchasers Report