Group Elections

Please read all the information below carefully:

  • AGM stands for Annual General Meeting.
  • Most public organisations have these once a year, to communicate with their members, give a roundup of the year’s events, plan future ones, and take forward any comments or suggestions.
  • Club or Society AGMs are also used to elect your committee for the next academic year and to ratify or change your constitution.
  • At this meeting you will review the activities of the outgoing year.
  • Your AGM must be attended by at least 25% of your total membership.
  • Each club/society at RUSU is required to hold an AGM and elections.
  • You may however decide to hold you AGM separate to your Elections, if you wish to hold online elections.
  • All groups must hold their AGM and Elections by the end of Term 2, so that your new committee are able to attend Committee Training.
  • All online elections must be held on the RUSU website. 5 working days notice must be given before your nominations open.
  • The meeting should be chaired by the outgoing President/Club Captain and minutes of the meeting need to be taken by the outgoing secretary.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time in the year at the request of the committee or 25% of the club/society membership.
  • As soon as your new committee has been elected, please notify RUSU via the re-affiliation form.
  • All groups need to re-affiliate by the beginning of Term 3, if they wish to continue next year. No new society applications will be approved between Term 3 and Fresher’s week.
  • Please allow a minimum of one week for online elections to be set-up. This is due to the high volume of requests.
  • The newly elected committee must be students within the next acdemic year.