Halls Committee

University of Reading Halls

RUSU are constantly finding ways to bring a better student experience to you which is why we have decided to completely reinvigorate the current JCR system and rebrand JCR as your Halls Committees.

Previously each Hall had its own JCR committee who are elected to support your welfare, build positive relationships with the local community and run fundraisers for important causes. Much of this is staying the same but your Halls Committee will now be made up of Events Reps delivering the event side of your student experience and Halls Reps delivering the welfare side.

These are brand new positions and applications for the next academic year and Event Rep applications are currently open. Hall Rep applications are currently closed as we will be recruiting closer to the Autumn term.

TYou can find the Event Rep job description and application form here along with a description of the new structure. If you have any questions please do get in touch by emailing president@rusu.co.uk.