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Welcome to the Stenton JCR Webpage

Stenton Hall & Townhouses opened in 2010, making them one of the newest halls of residence. This means that we have spacious, modern rooms close to the main hub of campus.

Stenton has 402 rooms split into flats of 8 or 10 with normally 3 flats on each floor meaning getting to know a large number of people is very easy! Stenton Townhouses has 300 rooms split into 12 bed 'houses' giving a closer communal feel.

Being part of the Park Group of Halls means that having something to eat at Park Eat, relaxing at Park Play or grabbing a drink at Park Bar is incredibly easy as all of these facilities are just around the corner! There is also easy access to the laundry room, bike sheds and post boxes.

Not only this, Stenton is just under a 10 minute walk away from the main campus buildings, student's union and lecture theatres meaning that 9am lectures are a lot less of a struggle to get to!

Your JCR Committee

JCR (Junior Common Room) Committee are students who lived in Stenton the previous year and have been elected to look after Freshers and other students throughout 2018/19. By 'looking after' we really mean planning amazing events and providing help to make sure your time in Stenton as enjoyable as possible. 


We promise to...

1. Be approachable, welcoming and there when you need us.

2. Ensure you have an incredible 2 weeks of Freshers and throughout the year.

3. Be your voice to RUSU with opinions and suggestions.

4. Continuously plan small and large memorable events throughout the year. 


We highly encourage you to join the ... so that you can stay up to date with all of the latest news/events and meet other Stentoners! 


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We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

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