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Welcome to the Wantage Hall JCR

On this page you will be able to see any upcoming elections and events that the JCR Committee is holding, as well as the details of who the current Committee is.

Elections are typically held during the first half of the Spring Term for the Freshers Representative, this will be a first year student who will pass on thoughts and ideas from the new students to the JCR committee. We also hold elections before the Easter Holidays to recruit the new committee for the next year.

History of the Hall

Wantage Hall is the oldest at the University of Reading having been founded in 1908 by Lady Harriet in memory of her husband, Lord Robert , 1st Baron of Wantage. It is thought to be the first dedicated hall of residence to be founded outside of Oxford and Cambridge, and is built in the typical red-brick style of the time. In 1970, New Court was added to increase the capacity of the Hall to around 245 residents.

During WWI, the Hall was used by the No 1 School of Military Aeronautics to train cadet pilots, flight instructors and observers. During WWII, Wantage was used as the HQ for the RAF Reserve Command.

In 2013, the Wantage JCR became part of RUSU, along with the other Hall JCRs.

Hall Facilities

The Hall boasts a grand Dining Hall where catering is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays. The Dining Hall also plays host to our traditional formal dinners. Below the Dining Hall, is the Junior Common Room (JCR for short), where students can relax, socialize and study. In addition to the JCR, we also have a study room that has recently been completely rennovated, and also our own small library that has some interesting books.

Next to the JCR is the TV room, where residents are free to go and watch TV and films throughout the day.

Underneath the JCR, we have the Wantage Bar which is open most nights from 7:30pm until midnight. Due to Wantage's traditional Agricultural heritage, the mascot of the Bar is a sheep and is commonly referred to as the "Baa" by residents.


Being the oldest Hall at the University, a number of traditions have developed over the years, which make the Hall unique to live in, and have provided inspiration to a number of other Halls for their events.

The most important tradition that must be observed throughout the year is the Sanctity of the Quad - you are not permitted to walk on the grass in Old Court unless Concert in the Quad has been held, or you have graduated from Reading. The Quad originally served as a memorial to those residents who served in the World Wars and lost their lives, although it now acts to immortalize all those who have died in conflicts world wide.


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