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About Wessex

  • Wessex Hall is unique from all the other halls on campus because it is a traditional open corridor style halls of residence.

  • It is self catered with all of the rooms including good storage space and a washbasin.

  • There are 3 floors with 196 rooms.

  • Approximately 8 people are allocated to each kitchen and there are separate boys/girls toilet and shower facilities on each floor. This style differs from the more modern ‘flat’ arrangement of halls, but has the advantage of opening up 3 floors of potential friends, rather than limiting you initially to the other 6 or 7 people in your flat.

  • Everyone is friendly and welcoming and by living in Wessex you also gain ex-Wessex friends from previous years. No other halls on campus, from our knowledge, has a level of community and family spirit to even rival Wessex! An example of this is the sheer dedication and support shown to the Wessex football team throughout the season.

  • Moving into halls for the first time is nerve-wracking for anyone, but the Wessex JCR make the transition fun and enjoyable. They helped move everyone in and made an effort to learn names and facts about individuals while also encouraging us to make conversation with new neighbours.

  • From freshers week to Wessex’s summer social everyone had the most amazing time and loads of fun.

  • Wessex Hall is slightly further away from campus than the other halls, but this difference is only a mere 5 minutes extra. This difference is convenient and has an advantage by being closer to Wokingham Road, which has multiple shops, ATMS and takeaways.

  • A bike is not essential, but many in Wessex take advantage of the on-site bicycle shed which provides safe and secure storage

  • The toilet and shower facilities are cleaned daily in the week, and the shared kitchens are deep-cleaned once a week with the bins checked and emptied when necessary.

  • Wessex also has its own laundry room, open 24/7, on the ground-floor which is a great convenience compared to those halls in the ‘Park’ group, who share laundry facilities.

  • Wessex also had the advantage of having its own common room, which is a great area to socialise with friends and its own library area which comes in handy during exam time when you don’t fancy walking into campus to the library!

  • There is also the Wessex main hall which hosts numerous dance activities throughout the weeknights and also hosts Wessex’s famous Christmas and Easter socials.

  • In addition to this Wessex and Bridges have the newly refurbished ‘Ice House’ bar attached onto its ground floor which we encourage all halls to come and use including our neighbours Bridges, which includes a pool table, 25 seat cinema and great cocktail deals! All of these factors combined will provide, and have provided, freshers with a great first year uni experience, so much so that Wessex Hall has recently been voted the 16th best Uni hall in the UK!

What we're here for and what you have to look forward to

  • We're here to help you throughout your first year, from moving in to leaving- we'll be there to lend a hand

  • We're currently finishing up our plans for freshers, which will be an incredible week of meeting new people and creating some amazing memories

  • Throughout the rest of the year we'll be organising day and night socials which everyone is welcome to


Have a great summer guys, and prepare yourselves for the best year of your lives ahead!

See you soon!




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