RUined is Reading University’s Archaeology Society, not just for present and past archaeology students, but also students from any course who have an interest in Archaeology. 

In 2006/2007 we were voted ‘Best Society of the Year’ and in 2018/19 we also won 'Trip of the Year' and the 'Golden Laurel Award', which is no surprise when we hold fantastic and creative socials such as our annual ‘Night of 1000 Glowsticks’ (which always has a huge turnout!), and White T-Shirts get RUined.

Night of 1000 Glowsticks

Along with drinking socials, we host many other alternative activities which link into studies here at Reading, for example we promote the Archaeology department's weekly research seminar. Also, trips to sites across Britain are organised over the year, including London and Oxford, and we usually run an annual trip abroad in the spring, with past destinations including Berlin, Nimes, Ljubljana, Athens, Malta, Budapest, Lisbon, Prague and most recently Barcelona!!! 

Prague gets RUined 2019

Barcelona Gets RUined 2K20

Annual trip abroad UPDATE: Due to the issues surrounding Covid-19, we as a society have decided to to organise a trip within the UK for 2021/22. Our options are on display in the Archaeology Reading room if you would like to vote on which destination you would prefer for this year's trip. 

More relaxed social events include film nights and organising a team for an on-campus pub quiz as well as day trips to historical sites and fun stuff like Paint & Sip; we're also involved in the organisation of socials at our Cookham and Islay field schools.


RUined does Paint & Sip                                                                    The Field School Soiree

With membership only £7.75 for the whole year you have no excuse not to join, so if you’re interested or would like more information, visit our facebook page at or once you've joined, our group: 

RUined Committee 18/19 and 19/20 at the AGM

Members of the society at the Society Awards Ball with the awards for 'Trip of the Year' and the 'Gold Laurel' 2019


  • Archeaology Student Membership£7.75
  • Archeaology Non-Student Membership£10.75


  • Donation £1.00£1.15
  • Donation £3.00£3.15
  • Donation £5.00£5.15
  • Donation £7.00£7.15
  • Donation - £10.00£10.15
  • Archaeology - Hoodie£25.15



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