The Entrepreneurship Society embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship by fostering innovative minds, developing invaluable skills and fulfilling young entrepreneur's potential. We will do this by enspiring the future generations that they could already have the skills, ideas and attitude it takes to become an entrepreneur.

We have a fantastic collection of sponsors and partners this year including, Techhub, HiredGrad, Worklife, and Student to startup. All these partners provide a great platform for any person to start off their entreprenerial journey. 

We offer a huge a huge collection of amazing events, including "Where do Ideas come from" and "Reading Inspires" events, which are not to be missed. 

Last Years events included talks by:

  1. Paul Lindley - CEO of Ella's Kitchen (£51.2 million Turnover)
  2. Magnus Ronning - Founder of Ronning Co. (100k+ Mens Fashion Youtuber)

2018 Committee:

  • President - Harry Good-Stephenson
  • Secretary - Suraya Rabijan
  • Events Manager - Elliott Chard
  • Treasurer - Charlie Reeve
  • Marketing & Welfare - Elliot Kim
  • Marketing Manager - Hope O'Grady 

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