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The Finance Society aims to enrich the educational development of financial literacy with its members. Our aim is to create a community where individuals can share experiences and learn whilst having fun and feeling a strong sense of belonging. Through this, we hope that members will have an edge in applying for the ever-competitive work schemes, whether these be internships, spring weeks and the like.

Throughout the academic year, we are planning to host a variety of social and networking events to bring our community together, whilst also developing financial work experience and skills. We also will provide a database to members that will give them access to resources that are targeted at not only the careers aspect of our aim, but also the development of knowledge within the financial sector. A timetable of events has already been established with speakers and dates confirmed, so look out for this soon.

Many of our past, and current, members have gone on to achieve work placements or careers within high ranking financial firms and we hope that by being a member of our society you can take a similar route, whilst also having an enjoyable experience! We have also produced a number of resources which will give our members an edge in successfully attaining work schemes within the financial sector. 

Despite the struggles which COVID-19 presents, our committee is endeavouring to adapt this society to benefit you. We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you more this year.


  • Finance Society Student Membership£5.15
  • Finance Society Non-student membership£8.15




We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

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