History Society 2019-2020

Hi everyone and welcome to the official page of the History Society here at Reading University!

This Society is all about bringing people together, either studying History, Joint Honours or otherwise, and getting the most out of their University experience.

Through this society you guys will be able to meet those with similar interests to you and have a laugh with people from all over the world who have chosen to study History at Reading!


Hello from the committee!

Your committee this year is made up of third years who are dedicated to making this year stand out for everyone involved within the society!

Find out more about us and our roles in our personal information below, We look forward to meeting you and welcoming others back!


Sebastian Grandon - White (President), William Pride (Vice President), Alick Ashby (Treasurer), Daniella Stanton (Welfare), Briony Barton (Secretary) 

Sebastian Grandon-White

Hey everyone! I am your president this year! My job is to over see over the society as a whole including organising events and communication . We have lots of great plans for our society with loads of themed pub crawls, an awesome trip in the Spring term and our annual summer formal! I would be happy to help you with any problems you have, whether they are questions about the society or about the uni in general! So don’t hesitate to contact me! Watch this space to see the exciting things we have going on!

Will Pride

Hi, everyone I’m Will and I will be your Vice President for this year. Last year I studied abroad for a semester in the Netherlands, if you have any questions about studying abroad then please feel free to ask. Finally, I hope you all have a great year.

Alick Ashby

Hey guys! I'm History Treasurer for the coming year! My job is to make sure we have money, I will be asking RUSU for funds as well as trying my best to raise up funds so that we can host activies and organise trips throughout the year.

Daniella Stanton

Hi everyone I'm Daniella your Welfare rep for this coming year! I'm here to ensure you have a quality time within our society, any quarms, queries or questions just let me know! As your committee we're here to ensure you have a fab time outside of your degree! 

Briony Barton

Hey guys – I’m Briony and I am your secretary for 2019/20! I joined the History society in my first year and have enjoyed being able to meet new people with similar interests from various year groups and go on the annual trips abroad! The society has always offered fun opportunities and we all aim to continue this for another great year. As secretary my responsibilities include admin and communications and I will be here to answer any questions, give advice or pass on any of your own ideas!

2019/20: What's the plan?


This year, we will continue:

  • Building on our membership - We are going for our record in terms of sign ups this year as we look to grow the best Humanity Society!

  • Planning themed socials for all of our members - Previous socials have included: 80s Disco, Pub Golf.

  • Pub Quizzes at the Student Union - All that Historiography has got to come in handy, right? 

  • Alternative events that will suit everyone at University - For those students who want to socialise through other activities.

  • Our Society trip abroad (previous years inc. Krakow, Barcelona, Budapest)

  • The traditional Summer Formal - Dress to impress!

  • We also want to give you guys a chance to help build the society you all want! If there is a particular themed social or local trip you want let us know and we'll see what we can do!


Photos - Contact us to include your own!

80's night!


Krakow Sightseeing 2017


Barcelona Bar Crawl 2018



Summer Formal 2018

Budapest trip 2019

Contact us


Feel free to drop us an email and check out our facebook page for more information on our socials and other events! 

Email Address: ruhistorysociety2019@gmail.com

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/385406944992612/?ref=bookmarks

Instagram Username: ruhistory





  • History Student Membership£5.15
  • History Non-student Membership£10.15




We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

Committee members

Vice President


Welfare Representative