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Hi All,

PSYCHSOC are back and we're rearing to go!

We have already had a couple socials and now we are up and running on RUSU and you can now pay for your memberships to be able to attend events exclusive to PSYCHSOC members and get discounts for others!

Events to look forward to:

  • MOJO's Quiz and Karaoke every other Thursday
  • Union Nights
  • Movie Nights (with a psych theme!)
  • Trips to Pavlov's Dog in town (basically a rite of passage!)

And more...

This year we will also be organising Youth Mental Health First Aid workshops! After a successful trial last year, we are looking forward to organising more sessions! More information to come soon on this!

And of course... the annual PsychSoc Charity Ball... more information to come!


The new committee for Psych Soc 2018/19 ??

President: Harrison Ward
Secretary: Djihane Bret (DJ)
Welfare: Aisling Hoey
Treasurer: Vicky Brown
2nd Yr Social Sec: Amber Haden-Smith
3rd Yr Social Sec: Tatiana Tavares
3rd Yr Social Sec: Yaz Norman


We're all very excited to make this year one of the best for our society so do join us and get involved!

Dj xo




***Please do not purchase charity ball tickets now... these are last year's tickets... they will be removed shortly!!***


  • Psychology Student membership£5.15
  • Psychology Non-Student membership£5.15




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